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HP Deskjet 2630 Ink Cartridges

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Known for its ease of use and efficiency, the HP Deskjet 2630 is a great option for everyday printing. Ensure it’s running to the very best of its ability by using the correct HP Deskjet 2630 ink, all of which can be found right here at TonerGiant. All listed at an unbeatable price, the products on this page are fully compatible with this model. If you're unsure which ink to buy, the HP Deskjet 2630 uses HP 304 and HP 304 XL black and colour inks. Choose an XL model cartridge to enjoy up to 300 prints compared to the regular products that produce up to 100. Whilst a new printer does come pre packaged with inks, they are only starter inks and will soon run out.



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£30.20 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
Black Cartridges
Guaranteed for 3 Years
£24.37 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
HP 304XL Black Ink Cartridge
Product Code: N9K08AE
£31.39 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
HP 304 Black Ink Cartridge
Product Code: N9K06AE
£17.30 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
CMY Cartridges
Guaranteed for 3 Years
£26.83 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
£35.02 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
HP 304 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge
Product Code: N9K05AE
£17.30 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday

Ink Cartridges for the HP Deskjet 2630

The HP DeskJet 2630 uses ink from the popular HP 304 and 304XL range. When your printer needs a refill, it will require 2 replacement inks available in black and tri-colour, and in 2 different sizes (standard or XL). The printer needs both cartridges to be present, and both must contain ink for it to work correctly.

How long do HP Deskjet 2630 inks last?

When choosing between replacement HP 2630 inks, you have a choice between standard or XL cartridges that print up to 125 pages, or 300 pages respectively. While XL cartridges print more than double the number of prints than standard HP 304 inks, they are a cheaper option, offering a lower cost per page.
If you were to print 5 pages per day on average, an XL cartridge might last 60 days, whereas a standard cartridge would only last 25 days (based on 5% page coverage).

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Customer Questions (7)

I have a HP Desk Jet 2630 printer bought in South Africa. I live in the UK and need to change regions. I was told that I need to use the 304 cartridge and not the 123, but when I do it says it is not compatible?
06 November 2023
Hi, the 304 ink cartridges are correct for the for the DeskJet 2630 providing the region is set as the UK. If the region of the printer hasn't been changed yet (needs to be done by HP support), they won't work. It could also be a chip error if the cartridges you are using are compatible rather than HP branded.

Hello, I have an HP Deskjet 2630 which I bought in Qatar. It takes the "123" ink cartridge in the middle east. Is the 304 /304XL compatible with my printer in the UK? How long do you take to deliver to Hounslow, please? Many thanks, Peter.
31 December 2020
Hi Peter, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, printers are regionally encoded so UK-bought cartridges wouldn't work in your machine. It's sometimes possible to get the region changed but you would have to call HP and ask them to do it for you, and it can only be done once I believe. If you have already done that, the HP Deskjet 2630 does take the HP 304's in the UK and next-day delivery is free if you order before 5:30 pm.

I just bought the HP Deskjet 2630 printer so I just want to know if the only cartridge I can use for this kind of printer is HP 123 N9J12A cartridge? What about HP 134 C9363H or HP 550, CZ102A ink cartridges, will they fit this printer? Also if the coloured ink finishes and I only want to use black ink, will it work with only one black ink?
21 May 2020
Hi, I'm assuming you purchased your printer outside of the UK as in the UK it takes a different cartridge number. If your printer does take the HP 123, it will only be able to use the HP 123. You can't mix other cartridge numbers as the software on the chips / how they fit in the printer are different. If you run out of colour, you'll have to replace it before the printer will let you use black (some shades of black use colour ink).

Can I use an HP57 tri-colour cartridge in an HP Deskjet 2630?
11 May 2020
Hi there, no the HP DeskJet 2630 only takes the HP 304 / 304XL inks so you wouldn't be able to use any other cartridges.

Does the printer work if only black ink is loaded?
07 May 2020
Hi there, for printers that take both black and colour cartridges, both cartridges need t to be installed / with ink left over for the printer to work. If you need any more help, let me know.

Hi, can I use the ink cartridge 122 with this printer, please?
06 April 2020
Hi, the HP Deskjet 2630 printer only uses the HP 304 inks.

What is the HP 2630 cartridge number?
15 February 2020
The HP DeskJet 2630 manufactured in the UK takes HP 304 and HP 304XL ink cartridges.

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