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HP LaserJet M110we Toner Cartridges

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The HP LaserJet M110WE is one of the smallest personal laser printers available and as such only requires one replacement toner cartridge. The HP M110WE printer uses the HP 142A black toner cartridge which can be found listed below. If you're in a hurry to get a replacement cartridge for your M110WE printer, order with us and get a fast next-day courier delivery at no extra cost. The price you see below is the total price you will pay.
HP + Printers - please note this is an HP 'e' model printer. Once the HP plus service is activated on your printer, it will only accept original HP cartridges.



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Toner Cartridges for the HP LaserJet M110we

With only one black replacement toner available for the HP LaserJet M110WE printer, it's an easy choice. The correct replacement cartridge belongs to the HP 142A range (W1420A) and it can be purchased in a standard size only, printing up to 950 pages before it becomes empty again. Stocking up on more than one cartridge will ensure you don't run out during an important print job.

How to replace HP LaserJet M110WE Toner

Replacing an empty toner cartridge in your HP M110WE printer is fairly easy to do by following these steps:
  1. lift the cartridge door located at the top of the printer, where the paper comes out/rests when printing.
  2. Pull out the empty toner cartridge by its handle.
  3. Remove the orange covers and tab from the new cartridge.
  4. Slide the new cartridge into the toner slot and close the cartridge door.

Are compatible cartridges available for the M110WE printer?

Compatible or remanufactured cartridges can't be used in the HP LaserJet M110WE printer as it comes with HP+ installed which only allows original HP toners to be used. There is an alternative model available (M110W) which does allow non-HP cartridges to be used.

Customer Questions (4)

Can I use a replacement toner cartridge without a chip on M110w?
13 June 2024
No, the toner cartridge would need a chip to work or the printer would just reject the cartridge. All of our cartridges have chips installed in them.

Can you use colour cartridges in the m110w HP laser jet printer?
18 April 2024
Hi there, thanks for your question. No, the M110w is a mono printer and only uses black toners. It can't print in colour.

Orange warning light flashing after changing cartridge.
05 February 2024

The orange flashing attention light can be caused by the following:

  • There is a problem with the cartridge communicating with the printer. Make sure all protective strips have been removed and reinstall the cartridge.
  • If you're trying to install a compatible or remanufactured cartridge, they won't work in an 'e' model HP printer such as the M110we as they only take original HP due to HP + software.
  • There is a supply memory error. You can find the solution to this here: https://www.tonergiant.co.uk/blog/2018/11/printer-supply-memory-error-how-to-fix/

Does it come with a chip?
07 November 2023
Yes, all the cartridges that we sell have chips installed.

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