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HP Laser 107w Toner Cartridges

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If you own this printer, then you will need replacement HP Laser 107w toner cartridges once your current toner runs out. We have conveniently listed the suitable HP 106A cartridges on this page so you can be confident you are buying the correct toner for your HP 107w machine. When it comes to high quality and fast personal printing, the HP Laser 107w is a fantastic choice. Whilst this device is a mono machine, you can use the HP smart app on your mobile to print and even scan on the move and send the prints via your wireless network to your printer. When you need replacement toners, you can feel confident that you'll receive your order quickly when you shop with TonerGiant, as we offer the fastest free next-day courier shipping on everything you buy from us.



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Black Cartridges
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Toner Cartridges for the HP Laser 107w

The HP Laser 107w printer uses one replacement black toner from the HP 106A range. HP 107W toner can be purchased in both genuine HP and compatible cartridges at a low price, which means you can achieve pristine prints while sticking to your budget.

How long will the HP 107W toner last?

The HP 107W is a mono laser printer that requires one replacement black toner, printing up to 1000 pages. This machine is intended for a single user, printing an average amount, so cartridges would last 50 days if you printed 20 basic text pages per day (at 5% page coverage).
If you were to print images, or shaded areas, as well as text, and the page coverage increased to around 30%, the toner would last approximately 8 days when printing 20 pages per day.
However frequently you print, the HP 107W toner isn't suitable for large print jobs and would need to be replaced a lot if you printed more than 50 pages per day.

Free shipping

You don’t just save money with our cartridges, but also on delivery. We offer fast free next-day courier shipping on everything you buy from us - no minimum spend required. Simply order before 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday to get your order delivered to your door the very next day at no extra charge.

Customer Questions (4)

I would like to print monochrome manuals for personal use. The largest print job would be approximately 800 pages. Would this printer and cartridge be suitable? And if not can you recommend a suitable lowcost printer I can get 2nd hand on eBay?
03 June 2024

Hi, it should be fine for printing up to 1000 pages per print job but bear in mind if you manuals contain more than just text (so contain images or shaded areas), the cartridge will run out quicker and not achieve the full 1000 pages.

Unfortunately there aren't many small printers with low cost single toners. For a second hand printer, Brother are quite good at manufacturing small mono printers and there are some fair decent Brother printers that you might be able to get second hand. Look for any of the printers that use the TN2410 toner (prints up to 1200 pages) here: https://www.tonergiant.co.uk/product/Brother-TN2410-Toner-Cartridge-TN2410-97335/ (the printers it works in are listed on the page).

Hi, we have an HP laserjet 107 W printer and require a replacement toner. Could you please advise which one I need to order?
15 March 2021
Hi Christine, you just need the black toner cartridge for this printer. We offer a compatible version and a genuine version, which you get is up to you. The compatible version is simply our own version and a cheaper one, whereas the genuine is made by HP. If you're still unsure you can email our customer care team at [email protected] or call 0345 365 3605.

Thank you for your response and advice. Do you know if this situation applies to all HP printer toner cartridges? Alan.
21 April 2020
Hi there Alan, no problem at all. No, it's just a few of the more popular toner products and ink products that HP is struggling to fulfil due to the increase in home printing. I would imagine things will return to normal once people begin to return to their offices.

I want to buy the printer 107w, but before I do so, I want to be sure that the right original toner is going to be available soon?
20 April 2020
Hi there, I was discussing the stock availability of this cartridge with HP yesterday. They are having issues providing the stock at the minute and it has been unavailable for a few weeks. They think it may be a few weeks yet before it is available again but unfortunately, they couldn't give me an exact date.

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