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HP Envy 5546 Ink Cartridges

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Keep your pages look crisp and clear by using the correct HP Envy 5546 ink cartridges. You can shop with confidence knowing that all of the carriages on this page are guaranteed to work with this printer. To keep your printer functioning you will require a tri-colour HP Envy 5546 ink cartridge and a black one. We stock both genuine HP ink and our own-brand compatible cartridges. The latter is manufactured by TonerGiant and comes with a lower price tag. But don’t worry, quality has not been compromised and as well as maintaining a fantastic print quality, it can even produce the same number of pages as its HP-branded counterpart. Shop the full range below.



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BCMY Cartridges
£44.46 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
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Black Cartridges
Guaranteed for 3 Years
£29.29 inc VAT
Back In Stock Soon
Dispatched when stock returns
HP 62XL Black Ink Cartridge
Product Code: C2P05AE
£47.06 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
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HP 62 Black Ink Cartridge
Product Code: C2P04AE
£21.96 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
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CMY Cartridges
Guaranteed for 3 Years
£28.07 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
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£54.16 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
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HP 62 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge
Product Code: C2P06AE
£25.74 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
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Ink Cartridges for the HP Envy 5546

You'll notice that we also stock XL cartridges. These are recommended for those printers which are always in use as they give you more pages compared to standard carriages. For example, the 62XL tri-colour cartridge will give you an estimated 415 pages, a big difference from the 165 pages you could get from a standard tri-colour cartridge.

Free delivery

Place your order before 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, and you’ll get free next-day shipping - and to make it even better, no minimum spend is required. If you're looking for help or advice about your HP Envy 5546, feel free to contact us via the customer questions form below and a TonerGiant team member will be happy to help.

Customer Questions (2)

What's the difference between the two different cartridges of the same colour?
08 March 2017
Hi there, the two different versions of the HP 62 ink cartridges are different sizes. So for example the HP 62 tri-colour cartridge and the 62XL tri-colour can print a different maximum number of pages. The 62XL can print over twice as much so it's the most cost-effective one to buy! If you need extra help, please let me know.

I noticed you mentioned the cartridge protection setting can be switched off, how do I do that, please?
08 March 2017
Hi Jackie, yes the HP printers had an internal update a while back that added some functionality around 'cartridge protection' which is meant to prevent counterfeit inks from being used in the printer. What it actually also does is to lock your inks so they can only ever be used in your printer and also no compatibles can be used either. So to turn it off there are a number of steps to take depending on what printer model you have. You can find the full information on our helpful blog post here: https://www.tonergiant.co.uk/blog/2017/02/how-to-fix-hp-cartridges-locked-to-another-printer/ If you have any more questions or need extra help, please give a call and we'll talk you through it!

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