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Canon Pixma MG2550 Ink Cartridges

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This compact, great-value little printer is perfect for home users with its ability to print, copy and scan documents to a high standard. Toner Giant supplies the Canon Pixma MG2550 ink that you need at the best price across the internet and we check our prices daily against the market to make sure that we offer you the best deals.



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£50.54 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
£38.33 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
Black Cartridges
Guaranteed for 3 Years
£24.60 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
£25.09 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
Canon PG-545 Black Ink Cartridge
Product Code: 8287B001
£18.53 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
CMY Cartridges
Guaranteed for 3 Years
£27.17 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
£25.87 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday
£22.07 inc VAT
In Stock - Delivered Wednesday

Ink Cartridges for the Canon Pixma MG2550

The high quality prints that the Canon Pixma MG2550 printer fires out can have up to 4800dpi due to the FINE cartridge technology behind Canon’s inks. You will need a black and a colour cartridge or if you’re just getting started you can cut costs by buying the Canon Pixma MG2550 ink multipack.

Features of the Canon Pixma MG2550

This is a quiet, hard-working printer that will get your documents to you efficiently and to a high standard. The Canon Pixma MG2550 is easy to set up, it just works via a USB connection so is perfect for the home office, but perhaps not so great if you want to share the printer between several people in a big home. Scanning and copying is easy to operate so for the reasonable price, this Canon is a great buy.

How long will the ink cartridges last?

You have the option with Canon Pixma MG2550 ink to invest in high capacity or stick to normal ink level, it just depends on how much printing you’re doing. High capacity can print up to 400 pages whereas normal inks print around 180 pages.

Customer Questions (6)

Hi, I bought a Canon Pixma MG 2550S, which number ink cartridge will it use? Please let me know. Thanks.
20 April 2021
Hi there, if you'd like to view all available cartridges for your printer follow this link https://www.tonergiant.co.uk/model/Canon-Pixma-MG2550-ink-cartridges/.

Hello, what do I need for a starter pack in inks? I have been given a Canon Pixma MG2550S.
13 June 2019
Hi, the best thing to buy would be the pack that contains both black and tri-colour ink cartridges that the printer needs to operate. You can find that here: https://www.tonergiant.co.uk/product/Canon-PG-545-CL-546-Ink-Cartridge-Multipack-8287B005-20471/

Which ink is suitable for the Canon pixma mg2550?
10 June 2019
Providing the printer is a UK model, you would need 1 x each of the Canon PG-545 black ink cartridge and the Canon CL-546 tri-colour ink cartridge. If you'd like more help, please let us know!

Hello, which cartridges do I need to buy for the canon pixma mg2550 printer?
08 May 2019
Hi there, you need the Black PG545 and the colour CL546 ink cartridges which can be bought in either standard size cartridges or extra-large XL cartridges. Also if you need one of each black and colour, they can be bought in a pack which is at the top of the page.

Hi is this compatible with Canon Pixma MG2550S? Thanks.
20 March 2017
Hi there, yes that's correct, providing the model number is the same the last letter just stands for different extra bits of the functionality on the printer.

I have a Canon Pixma mg2550 I only use black cartridges. when both black and colour cartridges are empty if I replace the black cartridges only will the printer/scanner work? It has currently stopped working as the ink has run out. The printer/scanner functions were working even when the colour cartridge was stated as having run out.
18 April 2016
Hi there, I don't believe it will work as I've read on google that there are a lot of complaints about that problem. However, I have found a sneaky workaround for you to try that says that you can get the printer to still scan if the cartridges are empty (but still in the machine) if you follow these instructions...All you have to do is reset the ink detection by holding the stop button down for 5 seconds. The alarm should clear and the scanner should work again. I'd definitely give that a try before you buy any un-needed cartridges! If you need more help, please let us know! Thanks, Stu.

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