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Originally created by a company by the name of Tektronix in 1986 (later acquired by Xerox circa 2000), solid ink technology replaces more standardised toner used in printing devices. The solid ink stick is loaded in to the printer, heated to melting point and is then transferred to the paper to produce the printed image.
Solid Ink can boast many advantages over the more popular laser printing technique. Firstly, the whole of the Ink Stick or Wax Stick is used without the need to throw away any plastic housing once expired. Secondly, Xerox claim that their solid ink printers produce a wider range of vibrant colour in comparison to toner based printers.
Xerox has a family of Solid Ink printers which consists of Xerox ColorQube, Xerox Phaser and Xerox Work Centre ranges.
At TonerGiant.co.uk we offer the complete range of consumables for your Xerox solid ink printer. This includes the genuine Xerox solid ink which is sold as standard in the Xerox colour packs, typically 3 of colour and the black packs usually containing 6 sticks. In addition there are other consumables including the cleaning kit and Xerox maintenance kit. And finally we offer our own multi-buy Xerox bundles where we combine a multiple of coloured Xerox ink sticks usually cyan, magenta, yellow and black; these packs offer the most effective way to buy Xerox solid ink.
We can take your order for Xerox solid ink up to 5.30pm and still offer a guaranteed free next business day delivery.

Popular Solid Ink Cartridges

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