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Popular Franking Brands

Francotyp Postalia
Pitney Bowes

Franking Cartridges

It's one of the most used pieces of equipment in the office, and here at TonerGiant we've got franking ink cartridges for your franking machine. We've got supplies for Francotyp Postalia, Neopost and Pitney Bowes machines. All our compatible franking cartridges will work perfectly in your Francotyp Postalia, Neopost or Pitney Bowes franking machine. The ink in each cartridge has been specially formatted and approved to Royal Mail standards.

All about franking machines

Believe it or not, but franking machines have actually been around since the 19th century, the brainchild of one Norwegian man who was sick of seeing his post going undelivered! Despite their age, they still offer businesses with one of the easiest ways to pay for their postage even today. They're efficient and could save you a significant amount on every piece of outgoing mail you send.

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