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The best printers for digital photography

If you’re among the many wondering, what is the best printer for digital photography? - we have compiled a list of the best digital printers and when to consider them. Printers have seen major advancements in recent years, offering more ease than ever -...

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Why Is My Printer Printing Pink?

Strange blotches, unsightly streaks, and everything is printing out an odd shade of pink. Printouts like this are not ideal, but there is a simple solution that’ll stop you wondering; ‘why is my printer printing pink?’ All you’ll need to do is a couple of simple test that shouldn’t leave you covered in pink ink either. Here’s a guide on how to fix your pink printing problems.

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How to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46

Does this sound familiar? You press print and walk over to your Brother printer only to see an error message on the LCD screen; Unable to clean: Brother Machine error 46 or just ‘Error 46’.

You won’t believe how common this is, in fact the Error code 46 affects the majority if not all Brother inkjet printers and there is a fix that you can try yourself to get your trusty printer working again before it takes a swan dive through the window.

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