Bosses, eh? According to a survey we’ve just conducted, it looks like us Brits have a somewhat interesting relationship with our work superiors: only 31% described their boss as a good leader, just 15% of us see our boss as a close friend, and men are far more likely to have a confrontation with their boss than women.

We also asked who you thought might make a good boss from a selection of famous names in the world of politics and business, and – unsurprisingly – Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are the two people we’d least rather be managed by. Still, Boris isn’t managing anyone at the moment, so we decided to make him – and a few others – some business cards that might help them…

Donald J Trump’s Business card

Elon Musk’s Business card

Boris Johnson’s Business card

Jeremy Corbyn’s Business card

Theresa May’s Business card

What do you think of our fake celebrity business cards? Comment below and let us know and maybe you could take inspiration from them and print off some of your own!