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Updated 23/03/2021

If you’re looking to start applying for jobs but need a Microsoft word CV template that you can download for free and print, then you’ve come to the right place.

Due to problems caused by the pandemic in 2020 / 2021, more of us now need to find new jobs and it can be hard to put your entire professional life on a couple sheets of paper but we’ve made it easy with our simple to use, UK format CV templates that you can download without needing to subscribe to anything.


How to Download the FREE CV Template

All you have to do download one of the Microsoft Word documents using the button below or by clicking one of the images to the left. Then simply replace the content already in the template. We’ve included some helpful hints and tips so that you know how to structure the ultimate CV for almost any industry, and advice on what to avoid!



Top Tips For Using The CV Templates


  • Make your CV as individual / personal as possible.
  • Research the company you are applying to work for.
  • Tailor your CV to each individual employer to make it relevant.

Make Your CV Individual 

Your CV should be as individual to you as possible, so we highly recommend you edit and change the template as much as you’re comfortable with, to reflect yourself and the job your applying for.


Research the Company / Employer 

Every employer will have a different approach to recruitment and the things they are trying to spot from a potential candidate. For this reason it’s always best to do a little research about the company you’re applying for to find out about their company ethos and values. You’ll get most of your clues from the job description but dig a little further and find out as much as you can, which will also help in the interview!


Tailor your CV to each Company 

If you’re applying to multiple businesses, make small changes to your CV to tailor it to each one. This makes it relevant to each employer and answers the questions they may have about you. Sending a generic CV to hundreds of companies isn’t a good idea, as potential employers can spot these a mile away.


The only thing to say now is….good luck. We’re sure if you do your research follow the hints and tips set out in your template and have a positive attitude you’ll find success!


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