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Everything you need to know about HP

More commonly known as HP, Hewlett Packard’s history is rich and exciting, full of unknown truths. Today, HP have become a prominent part of our everyday lives, with their technology being the pinnacle of the digital revolution but where did they come from and how did they start??

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Shocking recycling statistics

People usually don’t think about ink and toner cartridges when talking about recycling. We usually think about the materials - plastic, glass, paper and metal – without relating that to the actual consumables that we buy and use. But the fact is that cartridges have a...

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World War 2 Recycling Posters: What can they tell us about Recycling attitudes during wartime?

This week at Toner Giant, we thought we’d venture into a new area of graphic design and print: an area that crosses boundaries, both creatively and politically. The subject up for review is one that effects our present situation and our near future. Today however, we go 70 years back in time to see how World War Two recycling posters effected how people practised ‘smart-living’ and went about their day-to-day lives.

We take a look at the posters, not just as artefacts of creative design, but as a reflection of the nation’s attitude and willingness to make a change! At the Toner Giant, we always love the challenges of getting something new out of an old topic, so read on as we recycle some old ideas, and you never know, you may get a new angle on home-recycling!

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TonerGiant Reviews

At TonerGiant we aim to provide a world class level of customer care and we recognise that each one of our customers is an individual who should be treated as such. That’s why when you place an order with us, we ask for your honest opinion and feedback on the service you experienced.

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Our customers mean the world to us…

How is your customer care?
Have you ever looked at other companies and wondered how they achieved such a great level of customer care?
Fantastic customer care is not something that companies simply stumble upon; it is all about hard work and a clear strategy.

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How Does Your Company GROW?

Have you ever considered the direction your company is heading? Do you clearly know how you are going to develop your business and move it to the next stage? Here are some really quick tips on GROWING your business, Goal by goal.

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