Wireless Printing Kindle Fire

This post looks at Wireless printing Kindle HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets, complete with a list of printer manufacturers and models that support the technology on these devices.


Wireless printing Kindle

A Kindle Fire HD and Epson Wireless Printer

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Released in late 2013, the latest Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX are serious upgrades to previous models.

They aim to be more business friendly than earlier Kindle Fires. Increased functionality means that people can become much more productive.

And one of the key features that can help you to do this is wireless printing. You can print via a wireless network, or even straight to a printer that has wireless direct technology built in.

What can the Kindle Fire HD and HDX print?

Pretty much anything! You will be glad to know that the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX will print all of your favourite file types including photographs, emails and events. Simply use the drop down menu on your Kindle Fire HD or HDX and click on ‘print’ to send the document straight to the printer.

The tablets also come with a free version of the OfficeSuite App which means you can view and print all of your Microsoft Office documents with ease. To ensure you can print your documents you will need to be running the latest version of the operating system which is OS 3.1 onwards.

How difficult is it to set up wireless printing?

It’s not; it’s really, really simply. Setting up your new Kindle Fire to print wirelessly to your printer can be done in seconds if your printer is already set up to print documents wirelessly. If your printer isn’t set up to receive print jobs wirelessly, then you will need to configure this first which is explained in this useful guide.

Once your printer is set up on your wireless network at the office, then you will be able to send documents to print (as long as you are in range of the wireless network). If you have a printer that is Wireless Direct enabled, such as the HP Colour LaserJet CM4540, but isn’t connected to your wireless network, then you will also notice that this printer will be found when you come to search for devices to print to.


A HP Colour LaserJet CM4540

HP Colour LaserJet CM4540 supports Wireless Direct printing


Business functionality built in with the Kindle Fire HD

As mentioned earlier, the new tablets have been built with businesses in mind. As such, some of the other exciting technology to be included within the new tablets includes the ability to access emails, along with connecting directly to your office network through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

In addition to this, the Kindle Fire HD allows simple connectivity between the tablet and Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and headsets which should make working on the tablet even more efficient. One such keyword is the Belkin Android Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard which is priced around the £50 mark.


A Kindle Fire HD with Belkin keyboard

Belkin Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard for Kindle Fire HD and HDX


Which printers support the Kindle Fire HD and HDX?

Below we look at a few of the manufacturers who are currently supporting this technology. If your printer make or model isn’t listed below, then we would recommend checking this first since each manufacturer is constantly releasing support for different models.

Supported Epson Printers

Here is a list of printer models that Epson is currently supporting to allow you to print from you Kindle Fire HD:


List of Kindle Fire compatible Epson printers

Epson Printers compatible with Kindle Fire HD and HDX


The list above has been sourced from Epson, so if your printer isn’t listed above then check back on their website to see if your printer is now supported for Wireless printing Kindle as new printers are continually being added to the list.


Supported HP Printers

Quite simply, there are far too many HP printers to list here that support wireless printing on the Kindle Fire HD and HDX! We recommend looking to see whether your printer is listed on the HP website. Some of the key groups of printers that are supported include HP Commercial LaserJet Printers, HP Consumer LaserJet Printers, HP Deskjet Printers, EP Envy Printers, HP OfficeJet Printers and HP Photosmart Printers.

Supported Canon Printers

The only supported wireless printing for Kindle in Canon printers at present are the PIXMA range highlighted below;


List of Kindle Fire HD compatible Canon printers

Canon Printers compatible with Kindle Fire HD and HDX


Again, keep an eye on the Canon website if your printer is not listed above as support for wireless printing from your Kindle Fire HD and HDX is continually expanding. In addition, Canon are in the process of developing support for the imageRUNNER and imageCLASS series of printers, so stay tuned as support for these is announced.


What does this mean for BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device is a phrase that is gaining in popularity as more businesses look to expand their flexible working capabilities through new technologies and connectivity. Being able to print wirelessly from the Kindle Fire HD and HDX is certainly a big step towards this goal and is something that businesses should look to capitalise on.


If your employees already have Kindles and your office printer now supports wireless printing Kindle, then this is an ideal opportunity to enhance the working environment through new technologies. This, coupled with the ability for secure VPN access to your internal network at the office, makes the new Kindle Fire HD and HDX real players in the tablet market for businesses.


Now you know the full capabilities when it comes to wireless printing on your Kindle Fire HD and HDX. This should allow you to see some of the benefits this can bring to your organisation. Having tablet devices along with laptops and desktops can be a real addition to the office and can allow more flexible working in a way that increases productivity.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2011 and was updated in November 2016 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.



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