Error Printing Message

Many of us take to social media to share our daily woes. And on Twitter recently, we came across this post from Gillian Parker who was experiencing an error printing message.


Tweet outlining problem


Immediately, we were intrigued (excuse the typo in tweet!):


Our tweet in reply offering assistance

Tweet outlining more details of problem


The printer in question was a HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-One. Sometimes error printing message and such like appear after new cartridges have been installed, but this wasn’t the case here. On Gillian’s computer, this is what she saw:


error printing message


So how can this be resolved?

If you’re experiencing the error printing message problem, here are the 3 steps to take:

  1. First of all, cancel any print jobs that may be in the queue. As you can see from Gillian’s picture, she had a few jobs stuck in there. Old printing jobs can cause a backlog and can stop you from being able to print. Right click on each one and cancel the job. If you can’t seem to cancel them…
  2. Switch off and restart the printer. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to solve this. If there are any jobs in the queue that can’t be shifted, a restart should flush these out. Now try and print. More often than not, this should resolve the problem. If this still hasn’t done the trick…
  3. Check the paper in your printer. It might be having trouble picking up the paper in your input tray, especially if you have an all-in-one and can still use its other functions. So we advised Gillian to follow the tips in this video from HP for her Deskjet F4280 All-in-One printer:



Hopefully you should now be able to print again!

Tweet stating the problem was fixed

Our tweet expressing our delight


As with any troubleshooting advice, if you’re still having a problem then you should check your printer manual and contact your manufacturer for further help.


Got a similar problem with your printer? Let’s see if we can help! Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @TonerGiant.