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How to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46

Does this sound familiar? You press print and walk over to your Brother printer only to see an error message on the LCD screen; Unable to clean: Brother Machine error 46 or just ‘Error 46’.

You won’t believe how common this is, in fact the Error code 46 affects the majority if not all Brother inkjet printers and there is a fix that you can try yourself to get your trusty printer working again before it takes a swan dive through the window.

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Can 3D Printers Help Medical Science?

When 3D printers first became available to the general public, they were quite a trivial idea. The common consensus was, “Yes that’s fairly impressive, a 3D printer I can take home for just under £1,000 that can print a mug, but where’s my 3D printed meal?” Since...

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The new £5 note

It’s been over six months since all 440 million of the shiny new £5 notes went into circulation - and what a journey it’s been. It seems that this marginally small denomination is the gift that just keeps on giving, with rare features transforming your average fiver...

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What is Duplex Printing?

Updated 05/09/17 What does duplex printing mean? What is Duplex printing?  It's one of those phrases within the printing industry that often confuses people, and rightfully so since it is certainly not self-explanatory. Duplex printing means that you can print on both...

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