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In recent years digital marketing has really taken off. SEO, email marketing, social media and display advertising have taken priority over traditional print marketing methods. Where glossy brochures and flyers were once intrinsic marketing materials, now a viral social campaign and a trendy hashtag are considered more important and effective ways to market your brand. But are modern methods of marketing really more effective than print?

Print vs Digital

A recent study into print and digital marketing methods found that direct mail was both easier to understand and more memorable than digital media, requiring 21% less cognitive effort to process. The study also found that consumers were more likely to have an emotional reaction to print media, and to have a subconscious desire for the product or service advertised.
A lot of marketers assume that the best way to engage with a younger audience is through digital, but research by JWT suggests otherwise. Over 50% of millennials who took part in the study would prefer for print to remain a significant factor in their lives.
These findings suggest that consumers faced with an overload of information through digital media are increasingly beginning to value the physical over the electronic, and may hint at a resurgence in traditional print marketing.
Print marketing could be beneficial for businesses in a digital world for a number of reasons.

Stand out from the crowd

In a world overrun with digital marketing campaigns and social media trends, print can really stand out from the crowd. A beautifully designed brochure, a cleverly worded letter or a leaflet printed on tactile paper makes a bigger impact than just another promoted social advert. Print media lets you be creative with your branding and messaging. Artistic design, creative copy and personalisation will grab your audience’s attention for the right reasons.

Something tangible

Web users engage with and consume vast amounts of content every day. Consumers are bombarded with information from all angles while using the internet and social media, and adverts are often lost in a constantly updating newsfeed. Creating something truly memorable in a digital format is difficult, as people are always looking for the next thing to entertain them – the average attention span for online users is only eight seconds.
Print on the other hand is more permanent. A physical, tactile piece of print media is more likely to make an impact and stick in a person’s thoughts. Whether it’s a magazine that is kept on a coffee table for a number of weeks or a flyer that finds itself pinned to a notice board, print media is more likely to remain visible, and therefore remain at the front of the consumer’s mind.

Combine print and digital

Print can be a very effective way to encourage consumers to visit your website or engage with your brand on social media. A combined approach to digital and print marketing will ensure better engagement and a more memorable overall marketing campaign. Make your next print marketing campaign stand out – take a look at our selection of printer inks, toners and more!

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