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Spring has sprung, leaving many reaching for the marigolds ahead of the annual cleaning session. While spring cleaning is associated with sprucing the home, we think it’s a good opportunity to give your tech a once over too. Neglect to clean your tech on a regular basis and faults will soon develop, so it’s important to keep on top of dust, dirt and wear before it can cause any expensive problems.

To help you clean up your gadgets and gizmos safely this season, here’s a quick guide to spring cleaning your tech.


laser toner cartridge and tools

Laser, inkjet or solid ink — no matter what type of printer you have, it requires regular cleaning to keep it in tiptop working order. Given their flat surface area, printers are prone to collecting dust, which is easy to deal with using a duster or vacuum. What isn’t quite so easy to clean is the crud on the inside of the machine caused by the toner or ink cartridges themselves. Printers are complex machines, so care must be taken when cleaning their internal components. Happily, TonerGiant are on hand to help thanks to our step-by-step printer cleaning guides, which you can access below.

How to Clean Your Inkjet Printer in 6 Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Laser Printer in 5 Easy Steps



Be honest — when was the last time you cleaned your home or office computer? And by cleaned we don’t mean wiping the dust from the screen every once in a blue moon; we mean really cleaned. If you can’t remember, perhaps it’s time to down tools and show your PC some TLC before it develops any nasty faults. Dust and dirt can wreak havoc with the internal bits and bobs of a computer, not to mention make the machine look a little unprofessional, so we’d recommend cleaning yours at least once a year.

To give your computer a deep spring clean, get yourself a can of compressed air. Compressed air is perfect for cleaning internal and external components on a computer, as it doesn’t involve any moisture. Most cans of compressed air come with a straw attachment to help you blast out those hard to reach areas. Often, a can of air will be all you need to give your computer a new lease of life. Don’t be afraid to unscrew the back and give the inside a blast, as this will effortlessly remove any dust and grime lurking within.

For more in-depth advice on cleaning your computer from top to toe, we’d recommend this guide.



Despite millions of people owning a tablet, we’d wager not many know how to clean one properly. Wiping the screen is all and good, but that isn’t really cleaning — more just polishing. Given tablets are always in contact with your hands, they can quickly collect germs and bacteria, which isn’t a nice thought if you share one with your family, friends or colleagues. Putting the grossness aside, a build up of grime could actually affect how the touch screen reacts and responds to your touch, slowing down processes in some cases.

Thankfully, cleaning a tablet is a simple and straightforward process. To clean yours you’ll need a microfibre cloth and a simple screen-cleaning solution of water and white vinegar. Apply a squirt of the mixture to the cloth and gently clean the screen using a circular motion. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this could work debris into the surface and cause a scratch. Once you’ve cleaned the screen, use a second microfibre cloth to dry it — again using minimal pressure.

It may sound simple, but cleaning your tablet in this way will reduce the amount of bacteria on the screen and ensure faultless functionality for longer.

If your printer is beyond cleaning or repair, why not treat yourself to a new one from TonerGiant? We stock a great range of affordable printers and consumables, so you need never use that mucky old model again.

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