Canon Pixma Error Message

There’s nothing quite like an unsolicited Canon Pixma error message when it comes to printers to make you want to either scratch your head in confusion or launch one of your limbs at a nearby wall.

Recently we’ve had a couple of our customers ask us about such an error message with their Canon Pixma inkjet printers, specifically the E04, E05, E14 and E15 error messages.




What’s the deal?

Essentially, these Canon Pixma error messages appear when your Pixma printer is having problems recognising one or more of the cartridges inside it.

This could be caused by a few things. For example, the cartridge may not be inserted properly into your machine, or you may have excess dirt or ink on one of the cartridges which could prevent the printer from being able to read it effectively.

Additionally, the error messages could appear if you’re trying to use a remanufactured cartridge. Don’t worry- you can still use compatible cartridges in Canon Pixma printers! You might just need to give your printer a hand to recognise it, that’s all.

canon ink cartridge

What to do

The following steps should help you successfully overcome E04/E05/E14/E15 error messages:

  1. Take your cartridge(s) out of printer
  2. Turn your printer off (but not at the wall)
  3. Using kitchen roll, carefully wipe the golden chip that’s on the front of your cartridge(s). This is the main thing that helps your printer to read a cartridge, so make sure that it’s not covered in ink or dirt.
  4. Turn your printer back on
  5. Carefully put the cartridge(s) back into your printer, making sure that it’s/they’re inserted correctly (check your manual for specific information on this)

With any luck…

This should have resolved your Canon Pixma Error Message problem!

If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to look at this in more depth for you.