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Every one has a story about a problem they’ve had with a printer.

And when people have stories to tell, they take to social media to share them, as well as to vent their anguishes.

So we decided to see what people were discussing on Twitter about problems with printers. Here are some of our favourite tweets from the last two weeks:

Even tech-savvy people can’t solve everything.

Tweet by Shannon Walsh

Any uni/ex-uni student can relate to this.

Tweet by @MeanMunchkin


Hannah here representing the feelings of many people towards printers.

Tweet by @oasis_nghfb

Good old USB’s.

Tweet by Harry Neary

Again, good old USB’s!

Tweet by Joe Pasqua

Leave the printers out of your love life, baby boy!

Tweet by @TSGATM

Feline interference isn’t covered in most printer manufacturer manuals.

Tweet by @JoHoScribe

Is that a technical diagnosis?

Tweet by @Kingsy6

And finally. Awkward…

Tweet by @Briteezy

Remember, if you’ve got a printer problem, don’t tweet and suffer in silence. Tweet us, instead! Send your problem to us @TonerGiant and let us help you to make printers seem that little bit less stressful.

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