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Christmas is only 7 weeks away! It is coming around fast and I’m sure there are some interesting gadgets you would like from Santa this year (as long as you’ve been good). Who would have thought there would be some interesting ideas for Christmas presents within the printing industry? Well, we have found a few that you might like to take a look.


Label Printers

Why stick to just a traditional ink or toner printer? Especially when there are a wide range of label printers available. Does your stapler always seem to go missing from your desk? Then why not label it up so everyone knows where it belongs. You may not want to go as crazy as the office manager in this Brother advert, but I’m sure you can find lots of innovative uses for your label printer in the New Year.

Consumer Electronics Show Tickets

If you are in the consumer electronics industry then why not add a ticket to the Consumer Electronics Show which is being held in January 2014. This event is widely renowned as one of the best in the consumer electronics industry and one where I’m sure you will get a lot from.

With manufacturers attending the event who provide 3D printer products and printing & packaging goods, the event promises to be spectacular.



Consumer Electronics Show logo

Consumer Electronics Show


All-in-One Printer

Are you still using separate peripherals for your printing, scanning and copying needs? And more importantly, is this really needed in your office with the huge range of multifunctional printers now available?

We have a range of great value multifunctional printers available that you can add to your Christmas wish list this year and throw out that old temperamental equipment that hasn’t been working right for years. Here are a few of our personal recommendations if great value is your driver:

The Xerox WorkCentre 6015B Multifunction Colour Laser printer is a great choice which is great value, includes a printer, copier and scanner along with being able to print out 12 pages per minute in colour. If you are looking for a HP printer but something that isn’t going to take up too much space, then the HP LaserJet Pro 100 MF Colour Laser M175a Printer may be more suitable as it is HP’s smallest colour laser multifunctional printer.


HP LaserJet Pro 100 MF Colour Laser M175a Printer

HP LaserJet Pro 100 MF Colour Laser M175a Printer


If you would like a printer that is a little more connected then we would recommend the HP LaserJet Pro 100 MF Colour Laser M175nw Printer as it a similar price point to the ones mentioned previously but this comes with built in wireless printing technology to allow you to easily hook this up in your office.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Are you looking to make your business more flexible when it comes to working? I’m sure you have wondered about some of the practicalities of this, especially when looking at devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note. Often one of the main considerations is how you can print from these devices. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is mobile print ready, meaning that you can print out your documents directly from your device without having to go to a computer and print them out from there.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


One important item to keep in mind is to check the compatibility with your current printer before making the change. Mobile printing technology isn’t perfect at the moment and there can often be differences in terms of functionality depending on the type of printer you own. If you have a Samsung printer, then this, as you can imagine, goes a long way to help with the connectivity as they are generally fully supported.


3D Printer

What would your Christmas wish list be without a 3D printer on there? 3D printers are starting to make their way onto the high street with retailers such as Currys and Maplin selling them, ranging from around £700 to over £1000. On top of this, a new portable 3D printer from Bukito has launched which is designed to make the bulky setups a little more space friendly


Overall, I’m sure you’ll agree that there are lot of cool printing technologies that you can add to your Christmas wish list. Whether it is something that can directly print out in 2D or 3D, or even something that enables your business to work more flexibly by utilising mobile and wireless printing technologies that are built into modern devices. Hopefully this will give you some ideas to add to your wish list.

Do you have any other technologies on your Christmas wish list that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.


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