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The world of printing is making the news more often these days, and we’re hearing about new innovations all the time. We thought print had reached its limit with books, magazines and signs, but it’s an ever-evolving art form, so what stuff is really capturing our imagination here at TonerGiant?

The stuff we heard about 3-D printed organs and guns being printed and then fired, was pretty shocking and amazing, but how much of this can we actually relate to? Most of us will never need a printed organ or gun, so while it’s fascinating news, it still isn’t something we can actively go and follow up on and take part in.

So we decided to go out and look for the things in printing that were cool, inventive and accessible. Things that you and I would use now, or in some cases; the near future! Gadgets, gizmos and devices that we could use every day, buy as a present or recommended to a friend. Not scientific inventions that will never see the inside of a department store bag!

So, here are three cool things that printing can do now, that it couldn’t do before…

Makerbot 3D printer


Clean your teeth in six seconds:

Remember what the dentist said when you were back in primary school?  You should spend 2-3 minutes thoroughly cleaning your teeth each time you brush. It may have been a chore when we were hyperactive children, but the standard brushing procedure is just another part of our daily routine now. So why change it? Well, why did we ever change washing up? If we told someone from the 1930’s that they wouldn’t have to do the washing up and could simply put the pots and pans in a machine, they would think we were crazy! (They would probably also whip up the offer straight away and never wash up again!) Well imagine if this sort of revelation could be made for teeth cleaning.

Thanks to the explorative nature of 3D printers, Dentists have created a special toothbrush that can clean your teeth in just six seconds. The ‘Blizzident six-second-toothbrush’ is moulded to fit the unique shape of your mouth, and has brushes fixed to all angles needed for a good clean. This way, the Blizzident can simultaneously clean every angle of your teeth, top and bottom. As you can see from the photograph below, you’d simply pop it in your mouth and bite down, moving around your teeth for a few seconds before removing and finishing the short job! You can see a detailed video here.

Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush


Would this be possible without 3D printing? We’re not sure. The physical specimen could have been created in other ways, but without the DIY freedom you get with 3D printing, it surely would’ve cost enormous amounts in research and funding.

Print your own newspaper.


Ever wanted to be a journalist? An editor? Or just to own your own newspaper? Well, with ‘newspaper club’, you can. They offer a range of sizes: tabloid, broadsheet, minis etc. And even though this isn’t ‘3D’ or extraordinarily revolutionary, it does show that printing is still prominent as a ‘modern’ and ‘new’ phenomenon.


Now I’m not stating that printing newspapers is anything new, but it has been reinvented. ‘Newspaper Club’ is marketed towards a younger, trendier market than most newspapers possibly are, using it as a ‘print your own blog’ sort of outlet – they don’t explicitly state this, but you can see from their website that it’s taking blogging back to where it came from: print!


While it may be strange to see things go backwards in time, it is nice to see printing still play an important role in society, and it’s quite reassuring to know that it can hang in there with the blogosphere.


As they state on their website: PRINT IS NOT DEAD!

"Print is not dead" illustration


Print in space.


As you might’ve read in one of our previous articles, we do like to talk about space technology, and although it isn’t technically accessible to most people, we just thought we’d stick it in here, we couldn’t resist!  After all, who knows what the future of printing will be…


NASA are planning to launch the first 3D printer into space, which they will use to print supplies as and when they need them. Rather than transporting huge parts of doors, controls and vehicles across the galaxy, we will soon be able to send the materials out and have the printer create the needed parts in space. Another interesting use for the printer will be to print food supplies for any space personnel out on operations or missions, the printer is expected to be launched next year and you can read the full story here.

A NASA 3d printer ready for space



Print is evolving everywhere…


Print is evolving all the time, and we’re increasingly seeing it in the media for many exciting different reasons. Don’t listen when people try to tell you that print is dead. Print is the reason that we have blogs, websites and social media. It all evolved from ink and paper.


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