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Great Uses for Portable Printers

Portable printers are an accessory that more and more people are beginning to take notice of. Due to our high-demand modern lives, increased travelling for work and longer, flexible hours, the portable printer has become a solid addition to many people’s equipment arsenal. But what are the uses for portable printers? Well, you may have read about the many different makes and models available in our previous article, but if you’re on the fence about buying yourself one, here are a few scenarios in which having a portable printer would prove a ‘secret weapon’!

A small portable printer

The modern day workplace is an abstract concept. By this I mean we have created jobs and ways of working which allow us to eradicate the need for typical office spaces.

How many times have you heard of someone working from home? Or from their clients’ offices or just simply ‘hot-desking’? More often than not. Laptops are the primary choice of office artillery for these occasions, with tablets coming in second, and working away from a stable desktop and office environment can cause many printing issues…


Working from a client’s office.

Firstly there’s the lack of connectivity that comes with working from a client’s office. How are you meant to just log-on to printing networks without disturbing many different employees in a busy office you’ve just moved into? There’s always the issue of the printer not actually connecting to your laptop or computer, even if someone did set you up with it! It’s times like this that having a specific portable printer can really come in handy. Maybe you need a specific Mac-compatible printer and you’re working in an office full of PC’s and suddenly, you’re stuck with no one able to help you. For people working on long project this can mean re-thinking months of work, having to borrow/buy another laptop or something else that could hinder your work capacity and efficiency. So having a portable printer helps you to be prepared and follow through with your plans from the day you move in to your client’s work space.


Working from home.

For many self-employed workers today, working from home is the best option for many reasons, with the main one being that it’s a free alternative to renting property. But wait a minute, if you’re working at home, why on earth would you need to invest more money in a portable printer? In all honesty, what’s wrong with your home printer? Well, if you’re working from home – literally – then a home printer is fine, but working from home is a very subjective phrase, and can mean many things.

Imagine a hot, summer’s day; you really need to print off some photographs for a client. The day’s work involves constantly printing, editing and re-printing until you get the perfect look on paper. The only problem is that it’s such a nice day, and while you’re at home anyway, how could you not go to the park across the road and have a picnic, catch some sunshine and take in the day? Many portable printers are battery powered, and fit into laptop bags, making them perfect accompaniments for the day’s work.

What if you needed to go to a client’s house who ordered some birthday cards from you, and she’d arranged for you to meet up and go through designs? When you get there, all your designs are on your laptop, and you’re not sure if she will have a printer or if she does, if it will work with your laptop! You want to be able to give her some tangible samples, so you take the portable printer for reassurance that you can do just that.

The scenarios are endless: electricians or plumbers who are working at people’s houses, will be able to print off invoices there and then. I’m sure this will be a use that many will adopt in the future.



Being in and out of hotels is a common pastime for many businessmen and women. You know the checks: has it got Wi-Fi? Plug sockets? Minibar? Okay the last one might be optional, but you get the idea. The hotels need to accommodate your every need, and it’s not often that you’ll find a printer sitting in the corner of your single-serving room.

Even more so, the uses for portable printers on transport is huge. Imagine getting the train to London for a meeting, your offices are based in Manchester so it’s going to be a couple of hours long. You had to get up at 5 am to get to the station for 6 am, to get to London for the meeting first thing. Since you’ve been working on all your own presentations and hand-outs all night, you haven’t had chance to print off the documents provided by the others in attendance. That’s fine, what once was a problem, now isn’t. After all, you have over 2 hours to kill on the train, why not set up your compact printer and check your emails for those vital attachments!


A new era.

uses for portable printers

As you can see from the many examples I’ve given above, the options and opportunities we have uses for portable printers with, really are endless. Maybe not just yet, but in the near future I think we can expect to see the compact printer take off massively, with the main instrument for success being the tablet. More people have tablets, more people want portable print-outs.

What uses for portable printers do you have? If you enjoy these articles, leave a comment down below, or alternatively, talk to us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!



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