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Angry office workerLet’s face it, those of us who work in an office environment can always find someone or something that winds us up when we’re not in the bests of moods.

For some, it might be that annoying person who sits next to you chewing the top of their pen all day. What about the constant irritation of somebody drumming their fingers on their desks? How about that certain unsmiling someone with a face like a smacked bum? You know the type; people with such miserable mugs that they would turn the milk in your coffee sour.

And it doesn’t just have to be confined to people to find the things that get our blood pressure racing while we’re in the office.

Office irritations

Has anyone had to sit near somebody with a squeaky wheel on their chair? It sounds like a demented dormouse is roaming around the office. What about those ridiculous headsets that we have to wear now? Hardly ever in an office environment do we have the nostalgic feel of holding a real telephone to our ear. We now have a headband and a piece of foam dangling in front of our mouth that makes us look like an extra from a Janet Jackson video, and you can bet your last penny that when we’re in a rush to use the printer, fax or photocopier, one of our dear colleagues has got there just before us and has just started printing The Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Pet hates

Well now Samsung Electronics have conducted a study of 1500 adults in the UK to determine what exactly comes top of our office based pet hates list. In no particular order, top of the lists were:

  • Colleagues who never offer to make the coffee
  • Loudmouth workers who shout down the phone during conversations
  • Workmates who bring smelly food into the office
  • Slow computers
  • Paper jams in the printer
  • Printers running out of cartridges
  • Unnecessary emails

Samsung’s Dion Smith said: “It’s really interesting to see this ‘can’t live with it, can’t live without it’ approach to technological developments from office workers around the UK.” What he might also have said was that you may want to look for a new job before madness sets in if the person next to you barks like an angry dog on the phone, doesn’t make you a coffee, eats kippers at their desk and constantly hogs or breaks the printer. 

At TonerGiant, we do our part to try to make offices that much friendlier and bearable by supplying quality reliable printers and toner cartridges at prices so low, your office can afford to stock up in advance.

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