Undecided about buying our own TonerGiant cartridges over original manufacturer ink and toner?

Well we want to make your purchasing decision a bit easier. We understand that, although the cost savings might appeal, you might be wondering whether or not you can trust the quality and reliability of our TonerGiant cartridges, compared to a genuine HP/Brother/Samsung etc product.

So how could we best showcase the quality levels of the product and the kind of facilities that they’re produced in?

Well we sent our team over to Boston in Lincolnshire, home to one of the factories that we use to manufacture our TonerGiant ink and toner, and told them to produce a video that would illustrate:

  • From start to finish how each cartridge is made
  • The rigorous quality checks that our cartridges go through
  • The professional and clean environment our cartridges are made in

The result is the video below:

Video transcription:

I’m in Lincolnshire, outside one of the factories where our own brand ink and toner cartridges at TonerGiant.co.uk are made. In this video, we’re going to show you inside the factory, and show you from start to finish how each one is made. Let’s go!

The first step is the empties collection. The guys here are inspecting all the used original manufacturer cartridges that come in for recycling. Each one is carefully assessed and, if any components can be used again, they’re removed and used to make one of our TonerGiant cartridges. But only the very best components are used in our products.

Next comes the remanufacturing process. All those recycled components deemed fit for re-use, coupled with any new components, are made here to build one of our own brand compatible ink and toner cartridges.

At this facility, each production process is undertaken by highly skilled operatives. All the guys you can see in this video have undergone intensive training, and hold decades of combined experience. And, in addition, all the machinery you can see is bespoke and unique to this facility, developed and built in-house to make products that meet exact specifications.

The main thing that you’ll be able to see is just how clean and professional this facility is. Every area of this location has been inspected by some of the biggest manufacturing regulation bodies in Europe. All cartridges, whether they’re an original manufacturer product or own brand, are made differently and in many types of facilities. We believe that our TonerGiant cartridges are made in some fantastic factories. Some suppliers may use cheap resources to keep costs down but, as you can see, we invest in quality facilities to ensure that you get a product that matches or exceeds your expectations.

Each one is built to the exact specifications of the particular printer it’s intended for. So, right from the off, our cartridges are designed to work in your printer just as well as an original manufacturer product.

Once a cartridge has been built, it’s then inserted into a printer and comprehensively tested. It’s checked on its print quality and build quality. If it appears to come up short in any area whatsoever, it’s simply sent straight back to begin the production process all over again. We promise that not a single cartridge leaves any factory unless it passes this stage with flying colours.

Then, each cartridge goes through chip testing. Now as you might notice on many modern printer cartridges, they come with an electronic chip attached to them. These help your printer to recognise a cartridge once it’s inside your machine. So the chip testing in the factory ensures that none of our TonerGiant cartridges should have a problem being recognised by your printer when you come to use them.

Great care is then taken to ensure that our TonerGiant cartridges reach you in the same brilliant condition that they’re in when they leave the factory. Each cartridge is professionally wrapped and then packaged, before being stored ready for delivery.

And that’s it. We’re so confident in the quality of our compatibles because we know that each one has gone through this rigorous, highly professional process. All the information you need on our compatibles can be found on our website, at TonerGiant.co.uk. We hope this video helps. Thanks for watching.


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