What if we printed the entire internet?

While Googling something extremely random, has it ever occurred to you the depth of the internet and how much stuff is actually on there? It’s a scary thought, but definitely, something that scientists are looking into more as we keep on finding new things out – and filling the void with even more information.

Here at TonerGiant we have come up with the logical solution to this curiosity and compiled some gifs to put into relatively understandable numbers to show just how deep we’re talking.

If you printed the internet

Now, let’s begin with a few figures. From the Earth to the Moon it is exactly 384,400km, so fairly far. From the Earth to the Sun it is 149.6 million km, slightly too far to fathom. Now, according to our research, if we were to print the entire Internet it would take 136 BILLION sheets of A4!

If you printed the internet 2

Lining up that paper would build a paper bridge from the Earth to the Moon, not just once, but 107 times, so that’s a fairly sturdy bridge that is 107 sheets of paper thick. However, we can only get a quarter of the way to the sun, so we’ve got a few more years to go before we get there.

If you printed the internet

These astounding figures compile the entire internet, which scientists worked out after using Wikipedia as a baseline. ‘The scientists at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom estimated 4,723,991 English pages exist on the site,’ acbNews reports.

From there, they could work out the rest using the ’30 pieces of paper per web page’ rule and this led to a finding of 136.2 billion pieces of paper to print the entire internet. The scientists then went on to write a paper (ironic) on ‘How Much of the Amazon Would it Take to Print the Internet?’

Regardless of these estimates, what these numbers show is how many people rely on the internet for information. Whether you need to know how to boil an egg or who Donald Trump really is, you can rely on the internet to tell you everything you need to know.