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Paper jams- we’ve all been there. Annoying, frustrating and generally just a headache you could do with out during your day.

And go on, own up, how many of you have caused one and then left it for someone else to sort out?! You are just the worse…

Nevertheless, the good thing is that they’re pretty painless to resolve. In the video below, we’ve outlined a few quick things you can do to get yourself back up and running:


Video Transcription:

Hiya. Welcome to this video. Today we’re going to show you how to sort out paper jams. They’re probably the most common printing problem that you can experience and they’re really annoying; especially if somebody else in the office has caused the jam and they’ve gone off and let you sort it out. But the good thing is that they’re really easy to sort out. There are a couple of things you can do just to make sure that you can sort the jam out and carry on with your printing. And that’s what we’re going to show you in this video, just quickly how to sort out a paper jam.

Ok, first thing you need to do is just make sure that everything is switched off. So simply press the power off button on the front. Ok then second, go to the back of your printer, switch everything off that needs to be switched off. Make sure that it’s unplugged at the wall and switched off at the wall. And also what we’d advise is to unplug any wires that are coming out, just take them out for the sake of this (we’ll show you in a minute, you’ll be moving the printer about so you won’t want to get anything tangled up). And also, if you’ve got any network cables or USB cables coming out, just make sure that they’ve unplugged as well (depending on what printer you’ve got it will all depend on where they are), just make sure everything is unplugged.

Ok, so now that everything is powered off and unplugged, let’s sort the paper jam out. The first place that we advise looking is the input tray. Now this is the bit where you stack your paper int0 the printer. Depending on which printer you’ve got, it’ll either be at the back of the printer or, in the example here, ours is this bit here that we’re going to slide out now. Now your printer may be saying that it’s got a jam because of something in the input tray. This could be any old bit of paper that are crumpled up, or maybe you’ve not stacked the paper properly. Or, you really will be surprised what you find in here, for example if we take this out we can see that there’s a giant hair clip and a spork in ours. We’ve used this just to slow that anything could be in this input tray, you just don’t know what’s fallen in there. But something like this, the printer might think that this is a paper jam. ┬áSo just make sure it’s all taken out. For now, leave the paper out of the input tray and just push it back in.

Ok now the next place to look is the clean out tray. Again, you’ll need to double check where this is on your printer because they’re all different. Just a look in your manual to make sure you know where it is. Some clean out trays can be at the front of the printer; some of the more modern ones are actually underneath. But in our example here, the clean out tray is this bit here. So this is our clean out tray and, as you can see, there is some paper lodged in there. The best way to get this out, and this applies to anywhere the paper jam might be, is to make sure that you use two hands to pull out the paper. Because obviously if one side is under more pressure than the other, if you use one hand to pull it out, it could tear and stay in the printer and cause more problems and it might get a bit more fiddly. So the best way to pull out the paper is literally to evenly push down with two hands and just make sure it comes out nice and easy; like that!

And just finally, before you finish off, just make sure there’s nothing at all in the paper output tray. Now obviously if you had a jam and there was paper coming out of here, it would have been the first place you looked. Just make sure there are no bits of paper anywhere in here, or any other bits that might be causing a jam. Just double check that there is nothing in this area at all. And once you’ve done that, you should be ready to give it a go.

So just to remember, in the future, the three easiest ways to avoid any more paper jams really is one, as we said before, to use both hands when you’re pulling paper out where a jam may be; if you use one hand, you could tear it off and then you’ll get all manner of problems then. Second thing to remember is make sure when you load paper into the tray that you just square it off so that it’s not uneven. And the third thing to do is make sure you don’t put too much paper into the tray. You should be able to get a good idea anyway, but just make sure there’s not (sic) too many sheets of paper in there so you’re going to cause a big jam.

And that should be it. So plug everything back on at the wall, and switch your printer on again. And go back to your computer or whatever you’re printing from, and just try printing a page. If you’re still having trouble printing, the thing we advise is to check the troubleshooting section of your printer manual, and failing that find the number in the manual for tech support.

Ok thanks for watching, hope that helps. Do leave a comment underneath and share (with) us your thoughts. If you’d like any other questions you’ve got solved with a video, drop us a line @TonerGiant on Twitter, or like we said leave a comment underneath. Thanks for watching.


And now you know what to do, here’s how NOT to fix a paper jam!


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