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For a limited time only, get up to £100 cashback when you buy selected cartridges.

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(Claims must be made within 30 days of ordering – Offer ends 31st October 2018)

Instructions for claiming HP Cashback

HP Cash back has returned and will be available until April 30th 2018. Purchase any 4 colours of the qualifying HP LaserJet Toners (for the same printer) and you can claim up to £100 cash back.

Claiming is easy, all you have to do is place your order with us for any of the qualifying cartridges listed below before the promotion end date, and follow the instructions on the HP website to make your claim within 30 days of your purchase.


Find your qualifying HP cartridge

From the products shown below, add your qualifying HP cartridge on Tonergiant.co.uk

Place your order

Once you’ve placed your order and received it the next-working day, you ready to start.

Claim with HP

Simply follow the steps on this page and claim via the HP cashback website.

1) Collect Order Details

The first step in order to claim your HP cashback is collecting the required reference numbers relating to your order and the products your claiming against, you will need:

  1. The Tonergiant.co.uk order number
  2. The official HP product codes of the qualifying items
  3. The hologram on the HP product packaging

2) Visit HP Claims Page

Once you have all your order details at hand, you can visit the HP cashback website and select the colour cartridges that you ordered from the drop down menu, then press “Add Colour Toner”. You can then select the Black toner purchased in the same way and press “Add Black Toner”

Once colour and Black toner selections are made, press “Continue”

Visit HP Claim Page

3) Cashback Entitlement

The HP cashback website will then summarise the cashback you are entitled to based on the selections you made.

If everything looks correct, press “Continue”

4) Submit Claim

You will be asked to to provide details of your order that you collected in step 1 and continue to enter secure payment information.

  1. In the vendor name box type: “TonerGiant.co.uk”
  2. In the vendor city box type: “Manchester”

You may then continue and follow the on screen instructions, providing any other information HP require to process your claim.

Qualifying Cartridges

You can claim up to £100 cash back when you purchase genuine HP LaserJet toner cartridges. Simply purchase 1 of each colour for £50 cash back, or 1 of each colour and 1 extra black toner to get £100 cash back. All 4 colours must be for the same printer model. you can buy cartridge in combinations of multi-packs or single cartridges. Details listed below:

Toner Series 3 Colours 1 Black –
£50 cash back
2 Blacks –
£100 cash back
Dual Black –
£100 cash back
HP 122A Q3961A – Cyan
Q3962A – Yellow
Q3963A – Magenta
Q3960A Q3960A x 2
HP 124A Q6001A – Cyan
Q6002A – Yellow
Q6003A – Magenta
Q6000A Q6000A x 2
HP 125A CB541A – Cyan
CB542A – Yellow
CB543A – Magenta
CB540A CB540A x 2 CB540AD
HP 125A CF373AM – C/M/Y pack CB540A CB540A x 2 CB540AD
HP 126A CE311A – Cyan
CE312A – Yellow
CE313A – Magenta
CE310A CE310A x 2 CE310AD
HP 126A CF341A – C/M/Y Pack CE310A CE310A x 2 CE310AD
HP 128A CE321A – Cyan
CE322A – Yellow
CE323A – Magenta
CE320A CE320A x 2 CE320AD
HP 128A CF371AM – C/M/Y Pack CE320A CE320A x 2 CE320AD
HP 130A CE351A – Cyan
CE352A – Yellow
CE353A – Magenta
CE350A CE350A x 2
HP 131A/X CF211A – Cyan
CF212A – Yellow
CF213A – Magenta
CF210A/X CF210A/X x 2 CF210XD
HP 131A/X U0SL1AM – C/M/Y Pack CF210A/X CF210A/X x 2 CF210XD
HP 201A CF401A – Cyan
CF402A – Yellow
CF403A – Magenta
CF400A/X CF400A/X x 2 CF400XD
HP 201X CF401X – Cyan
CF402X – Yellow
CF403X – Magenta
CF400A/X CF400A/X x 2 CF400XD
HP 201X CF253XM – C/M/Y Pack CF400A/X CF400A/X x 2 CF400XD
HP 304A CC531A – Cyan
CC532A – Yellow
CC533A – Magenta
CC530A CC530A x 2 CC530AD
HP 305A/X CE411A – Cyan
CE412A – Yellow
CE413A – Magenta
CE410A/X CE410A/X x 2 CE410XD
HP 305A/X CF370AM – C/M/Y Pack CE410A/X CE410A/X x 2 CE410XD
HP 307A CE741A – Cyan
CE742A – Yellow
CE743A – Magenta
CE740A CE740A x 2
HP 312A/X CF381A – Cyan
CF382A – Yellow
CF383A – Magenta
CF380A/X CF380A/X x 2 CF380XD
HP 312A/X CF440AM – C/M/Y Pack CF380A/X CF380A/X x 2 CF380XD
HP 410A/X CF411A/X – Cyan
CF412A/X – Yellow
CF413A/X – Magenta
CF410A/X CF410A/X x 2 CF410XD
HP 410A/X CF252XM – C/M/Y Pack CF410A/X CF410A/X x 2 CF410XD
HP 501 / 502 Q6471A – Cyan
Q6472A – Yellow
Q6473A – Magenta
Q6470A/X Q6470A/X x 2
HP 501 / 503 Q7581A – Cyan
Q7582A – Yellow
Q7583A – Magenta
Q6470A/X Q6470A/X x 2
HP 504A/X CE251A – Cyan
CE252A – Yellow
CE253A – Magenta
CE250A/X CE250A/X x 2 CE250XD
HP 507A/X CE401A – Cyan
CE402A – Yellow
CE403A – Magenta
CE400A/X CE400A/X x 2
HP 508A/X CF361A/X – Cyan
CF362A/X – Yellow
CF363A/X – Magenta
CF360A/X CF360A/X x 2
HP 641A C9721A – Cyan
C9722A – Yellow
C9723A – Magenta
C9720A C9720A x 2
HP 642A CB401A – Cyan
CB402A – Yellow
CB403A – Magenta
CB400A CB400A x 2
HP 643A Q5951A – Cyan
Q5952A – Yellow
Q5953A – Magenta
Q5950A Q5950A x 2
HP 644A Q6461A – Cyan
Q6462A – Yellow
Q6463A – Magenta
Q6460A Q6460A x 2
HP 645A C9731A – Cyan
C9732A – Yellow
C9733A – Magenta
C9730A C9730A x 2
HP 646A/X CF031A – Cyan
CF032A – Yellow
CF033A – Magenta
CE264X CE264X x 2
HP 647/648A CE261A – Cyan
CE262A – Yellow
CE263A – Magenta
CE260A CE260A x 2
HP 650A CE271A – Cyan
CE272A – Yellow
CE273A – Magenta
CE270A CE270A x 2
HP 651A CE341A – Cyan
CE342A – Yellow
CE343A – Magenta
CE340A CE340A x 2
HP 652/653A CF321A – Cyan
CF322A – Yellow
CF323A – Magenta
CF320A/X CF320A/X x 2
HP 652/654A CF331A – Cyan
CF332A – Yellow
CF333A – Magenta
CF320A/X CF320A/X x 2
HP 824/823A CB381A – Cyan
CB382A – Yellow
CB383A – Magenta
CB380A CB380A x 2
HP 824/825A CB381A – Cyan
CB382A – Yellow
CB383A – Magenta
CB390A CB390A x 2
HP 826A CF311A – Cyan
CF312A – Yellow
CF313A – Magenta
CF310A CF310A x 2
HP 827A CF301A – Cyan
CF302A – Yellow
CF303A – Magenta
CF300A CF300A x 2
HP 130A CF351A – Cyan
CF352A – Yellow
CF353A – Magenta
CF350A CF350A x 2
HP 205A CF531A – Cyan
CF532A – Yellow
CF533A – Magenta
CF530A CF530A x 2
HP 655A CF451A – Cyan
CF452A – Yellow
CF453A – Magenta
CF450A CF450A x 2
HP 656X CF461X – Cyan
CF462X – Yellow
CF463X – Magenta
CF460X CF460X x 2

Start your HP cashback claim now.

Get up to £100 cashback on qualifying HP toner cartridges until the 30th of April 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions of this offer?

● Toner orders must be placed and received before 30th April 2018

● Please keep the box holograms as these will be needed to make your claim

● Claims must be made within 30 days of your purchase. (Last date to claim 30/05/2018)

● Maximum 5 cartridge per claim / 2 claims within the promotional period.

Full terms and conditions can be viewed here

What will I need before making a claim?

Here’s what you’ll need to make your claim: Claims must be made on the HP Toner Cash Back claiming website and you will need the following to make your claim:

  • TonerGiant invoice (scan)
  • Holograms from qualifying toner boxes
  • Your printer model / serial number
  • Your personal details


How do I make a claim?

Claiming is easy

Once you’ve made your purchase for qualifying cartridges at TonerGiant.co.uk, simply visit the HP claim website, click the correct link to either ink or toner and follow the simple instructions, fill in a few details and then HP will process your cash back!

Once you’ve ordered with us we’ll send you a dispatch email with a PDF invoice attached. Save that invoice as you will need it to make your claim. Once you receive your order, cut the holograms off the box and visit the HP Cash back claiming website here to make your claim.

You must order before 30th April 2018 for toner and please make sure you claim within 30 days of placing your order.

Visit HP Claim Page

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