For someone that was anxious about stepping in front of the camera, we think he comes across quite well!

In the video below, produced by our friends at UKFast, our Founder and Managing Director Gary Flynn talks about our parent company NetGiant Ltd.

He discusses:

  • The founding of the company
  • Our growth and launch of in 2005
  • How we manage to stay competitive in our sector
  • Our brand personality
  • Our exciting plans for the future

Take it away, Gary!

Video Transcription

NetGiant is actually a family of brands; our largest brand is We’re a typical internet stat-up- it was a dining room and a garage space for the cartridges, and we really targeted the home user.

We grew quite quickly, and over the next two or three years we found that we were selling more and more products to businesses, and at that point we launched the website. That was a real turning point for our business and we started to see some really significant growth.

It is more competitive than ever, however I still think there are opportunities within the internet for small businesses to compete with much larger businesses. And whilst we’re not the start-up that we was (sic) when we started 10 years ago, we’re still a relatively small player when you look at some of the sizeable merchants out there. But with the right team, the right products, the right offering and the right infrastructure, you can compete on a level footing. And I think consumers, as well, are more open to experimenting with brands that they’ve maybe not bought from before, and that’s really exciting for us and we see that as a huge opportunity to keep moving forward.

It was really the branding around the CartridgeMonkey site- the monkey, the green and red of the website; just trying to have an identity. And we carry that through today in all our online collateral. We try and put through our personality, the personality of the team; we try and engage the best we can with us our customers.

Well even today we’re hugely ambitious, and anybody in our team would say that to you. We’re really lucky to experience significant growth year on year. We’ve got a number of projects already scoped out to help us achieve our 5 year plan. That includes moving into different product areas, we have another brand which we’re shortly going to launch, in addition to TonerGiant and, and there’s things like overseas markets. There’s (sic) almost so many opportunities that it’s quite frightening! We’ve certainly got ambitious goals and we think the future’s going to be very exciting for NetGiant.


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