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Everyone likes to think they’re good at spelling. The truth is, though, most people have an Achilles heel when it comes to putting their Ps and Qs in the right place — be it a tendency to stick an extra a in ‘apparently’ or double up the z in ‘bizarre’. While the odd misspelling doesn’t really matter on Facebook or in an email to your mum, such errors can look outright unprofessional in certain formal correspondence, and can often mean the difference between success and failure.

But exactly which words spell trouble for us Brits, and just how wildly do we get them wrong? Here, we cast a non-judgemental eye over the top 45 misspelled words that regularly plague our printouts.


Word Common Misspellings
Accommodate, Accommodation Accomodate, Accomodation
Achieve Acheive
Beginning Begining
Business Buisness
Calendar Calender
Caribbean Carribean
Definitely Definately
Disappoint Dissapoint
Embarrass Embarass
Environment Enviroment
Finally Finaly
Forty Fourty
Glamorous Glamourous
Government Goverment
Harass, Harassment Harrass, Harrassment
Honorary Honourary
Independent Independant
Interrupt Interupt
Khaki Karki
Knowledge Knowlege
Liaise Liase
Lollipop Lollypop
Millionaire Millionnaire
Millennium Millenium
Necessary Neccessary
Noticeable Noticable
Occasion Ocassion
Occurred Ocurred
Pavilion Pavillion
Persistent Persistant
Queue Que
Questionnaire Questionaire
Receive Recieve
Religious Religous
Sense Sence
Separate Seperate
Tendency Tendancy
Tomorrow Tommorow, Tommorrow
Unforeseen Unforseen
Unfortunately Unfortunatly
Vacuum Vacume
Valuable Valueable
We’re Where, Were
Whether Weather
Yacht Yauht

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Image credits: Sarah Joy

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