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For those valiant souls who regularly travel for business, did you know, there’s an entire branch of the tech industry dedicated to making your corporate wanderings a little more bearable?


Whether you’re jetting to pastures new or traversing the breadth of Britain to do business on your own turf, here are twelve tech essentials you’d do well to purchase or download before your next business trip.

TripIt Mobile App

Tickets, boarding passes, permits and visas. These are but a few of the documents you accrue on your travels. If you have trouble keeping everything in one place, download TripIt for your smartphone or tablet. This nifty app stores all of your travel documents digitally, before providing seamless access when you need it.

Universal Plug Adapter

Heading overseas? Don’t travel without a universal plug adapter, which lets you power your trusty tech wherever you are on planet earth. Since their invention, travel adapters have come a long way, with many now allowing you to use your gadgets in over 150 countries. An absolute must for the business wayfarer.

Mobile Power Bank

We’ve all been there – lost in a new city as your smartphone’s battery bar drains ominously. Purchase a mobile power bank however, and you can inject your tech with juice wherever you are. These handy gadgets are powerful enough to take your phone from flat to full within the standard charging time, ensuring no more calamitous run flats.

Digital Luggage Scales

Purchase one too many souvenirs during your business trip, and you risk being nailed with a hefty bill upon check-in. To prevent being stiffed by cheeky airlines, invest in a digital luggage scale. These practical, pocket-sized gadgets will accurately weigh your suitcase, so you can effectively safeguard against any and all surplus weight fees.

Pocket Projector

Whether networking at a conference or delivering a pitch to potential clients, a pocket projector is perfect for on the fly presentations. Pocket projectors vary in terms of price and performance, with the more offering wireless connectivity to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

USB Video Streamer

Business travel isn’t all work and no play – particularly when you’ve made it back to your hotel room after a long, hard day. Invest in a wireless USB video streamer like the Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast, and you can access a range of on demand TV and movies – meaning no more terrible foreign telly. Result.


For the ardent bookworm, an E-reader provides the perfect opportunity to transport your entire literary library with you, wherever you may go. Whether you want to dip into a classic, plough through a biography or absorb a self-help guide to improve your public speaking, an E-reader lets you carry all the books you could ever read in a single business outing.

Expensify Mobile App

Keeping tabs on travel expenditure has long been a bugbear for the discerning corporate traveller. Receipts, bills, tickets – HR will need to see the lot before they part with the company’s cash. To make it easier to keep track of your travel expenses, try Expensify. This free to use mobile app keeps all of your receipts in one place, and allows you to transmit them wirelessly to HR upon your return to the office.


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