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Remaining productive throughout the working week is a cryptic mystery few have managed to decipher, let alone master. After any and all Monday morning optimism has waned – procrastination, lethargy and dreams of the distant weekend often fill the void.


For managers, supervisors and workers themselves, increasing productivity is the name of the game. From team-building exercises to free fruit and snacks, bosses will do whatever it takes to squeeze extra output from their team of staff – with altogether varied results. To help bosses and office workers boost their productivity at work, here are 8 simple tips…

1. De-Clutter the Working Environment

De-cluttering your workspace is akin to taking out the mind trash; it keeps you focused, motivated and will help you relax and de-stress when you’re bogged under. Streamlining space should extend beyond individual desks, too. If the office environment is free from clutter and disorder – productivity will prevail.

2. Open Several Lines of Communication

Obviously, a mute office is good for neither morale nor productivity, but it’s important to curb the chitchat if you want you or your workers to be at the top of their game. Incessant chatter is bad for business – particularly if it impedes on a colleague who just so happens to be “in the zone”. If your office is overly noisy, introduce an instant messaging service so colleagues can communicate without disturbing others.

3. Recognise a Job Well Done

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, the top brass or the big cheese – would it hurt to dole out a proverbial pat on the back once in a blue moon? Recognising when an individual has gone above and beyond and done a job well done will not only boost self-esteem – it’ll keep them keen to continue working hard.

4. Make the Office Pop

Bright colours, artwork, houseplants – we don’t care how you do it, just try to add some interest, appeal and personality to your workspace. Too often offices are sterile, cold, lifeless vessels devoid of any character and individuality – and this can be a real drain on productivity and creativity. Add a splash of colour here or there to make the space a genuinely nice place to be.

5. Provide Decent Furniture

While by no means manual labour, office work puts a lot of stress and strain on the body – particularly if the chairs and desks aren’t fit for purpose. Giving your workforce a decent place to sit and work is surely the least you can do to instil productivity?

6. Eat & Drink As You Would at Home

Unless you have a penchant to snack on raw fish or other odorous delicacies, there’s no reason you shouldn’t nosh as you work. Eating and drinking as and when required throughout the day will boost your energy, keep you motivated and give you an oomph of productivity when you need it most.

7. Move Around

Feeling fidgety? We know the feeling. Sit anywhere for two long, and you risk becoming restless, agitated and stressed – particularly if you’ve got deadlines to make. Every once in a while: stand up, stretch your legs and enjoy a mosey about. Not only will this boost your productivity, it’ll keep you subtle to boot.

8. Get Some Fresh Air

Whatever you’re typing during your lunch break – we’re sure it can wait. Lunch is the perfect opportunity to refresh, revitalise and generally perk yourself up for the afternoon ahead. Go outside, breathe in the fresh and remember you’re a human being – not an office monkey.

So there you have it – eight steps on the road to productivity nirvana. For more top tips on how to run a comfortable and contented office, check out the rest of the Toner Giant blog, where we offer tips and advice on all things business and tech. Alternatively, if you’re interested in sourcing cheap replacement ink or toner cartridges for a business printer, visit our homepage or call us on 0845 365 3605.


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