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That great philosopher Kelly Clarkson once said “God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress.”

(Yep, that’s the same Kelly Clarkson that provides Capital FM with middle-of-the-road music on a regular basis).

But unlike most of her fairly average songs, maybe Kelly’s message is a beat we can all dance too.

Of course, that is aside from those people that use Twitter to vent and share their problems with the world.

And just as we do each month, we’ve found a bunch of souls having trouble with their printers. These guys really need to channel their inner Kelly Clarkson. Because, let’s face it, ‘Whatever Doesn’t Kill You’…(I’m so, so sorry):

It’s ok, printers stress out even the most technically gifted of people. Look!

Too far Sarah, too far…  


Like a fireman arriving to a fire without a hose!


Ermmm, quite possibly!


Printers are even scarier on Halloween!



You are just the worst, Alex!

Even Dads have a breaking point  


Definitely awesome, Nancy! Definitely awesome



A photo posted by bronxgrrl (@bronxgrrl) on  

Yeah but it makes writing these blog posts a helluva lot easier, Mika!









I really hope Sadie isn’t an anger management therapist during the day…

If you live in a hipster area like Manchester’s Northern Quarter, this may genuinely be the kind of help your local printer expert will give you!


And finally…actually you know what, there are just no words…























Don’t end up with a dead rodent in your printer. If you’ve got trouble, just get in touch with us, and say ‘Never Again’ to printer problems (again, I’m so, so sorry).


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