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To quote House Stark from TV series Game Of Thrones: “Winter is coming.”

October is here. We’re starting to consider turning on the central heating. Soup for tea is once again becoming a viable option. And, if you’re like me, you may have already been struck down by the flu bug. Hoorah.

But your printer cares not for the changing of the seasons. It’s there to give you problems come rain or shine.

And if your machine is causing you to have a shorter fuse than a poorly manufactured Catherine wheel, Twitter is always there for you to vent your angst and despair.

Here’s some people that we’ve found this month that needed to get their frustrations off their chests:

We’ve all been there, Christina!

Just one of those days, Emily. Just one of those days…  








This I think is called the ‘scatter-gun approach’ to printing success…



‘Dingus’ should definitely be used more in everyday conversation!



Well yes, Megan…  



It should totally be a skill you can be endorsed for on LinkedIn, Libby!



Maybe your printer just enjoys number based puzzles?



Yeah but I’m sure you look fantastic, Heather!



We’re saying nothing!



And finally, if you’ve got a problem with your printer, talk to us. Or Charlie, whatevs...




If you’ve got any printer related problems, don’t suffer and tweet in silence! Leave us a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter @TonerGiant.

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