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When was the last time you did something you wish you’d done earlier?

Mine was last week when the bag I was emptying out of the bin split and unloaded all over the kitchen floor.

(I’m a 24-year male and live with two others- I know you might find it hard to believe, but taking the rubbish out is something that we leave until the very last minute.)

However, after that incident, I’ve learnt my lesson. I will most definitely be doing something about the overly full bin bag earlier, rather than playing bin jenga.

Here are 6 people who probably wish they’d done something sooner about their dodgy printer:

This Ryanair customer



Holiday ruined after Ryanair tells passenger  You can t fly   the ink on your boarding pass is too FAINT    Mail Online

The IT guy at Santander


Santander sends 35 000 bank statements to wrong addresses   Business   The Guardian


The people running this local election



Printer problem leads to more recount drama in Senate District 17 primary   Wsj


These budding architects


Computer error blamed for couple s £1million dream home that was built too big   Mail Online


This guy




And this guy



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