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By now you know TonerGiant as an online retailer of ink and toner, and while that’s not going to change anytime soon, we have expanded our selection of products to bring you the bigger picture of office supplies and printer accessories.

Now we can provide the full package for business, professionals and home users alike, expanding on our current service and position as a print supplies retailer. There’s no need to shop elsewhere for your projectors, filing systems, stationery or even your pens and paper; TonerGiant is now the one stop shop for all things office related, and we couldn’t be more excited. Read on to find out more and how exactly we can help you shop with ease.

So, what exactly is it we sell?

TonerGiant stationery flyer

Our range of office supplies is extensive and yet remains specialist, including categories such as writing and drawing, cleaning and protecting, packing and mailing and even food and drinks to keep your staff and visitors happy. We don’t want to limit ourselves to catering for one part of your office, so we have broadened our selection and range, to add to this, no product is too big or too small, too essential or too premium; we provide everything from projectors to paperclips and much, much more.

Our new onsite categories are as follows:

  •   Cleaning & Protecting – including computer cleaning products and health & safety products.
  •   Computing & Communication – including tablets, scanners and keyboards.
  •   Eating & Drinking – including snacks, biscuits and drinks.
  •   Meeting & Presentation – including whiteboards and projectors.
  •   Office Essentials – including calculators, post-it notes and paperclips.
  •   Packing & Mailing – including envelopes and packing equipment.
  •   Filing & Archiving – including files, boxes and folders.
  •   Writing & Drawing – including marker pens, ballpoint pens and ink pads.

Some of our popular products include ballpoint pens, paper-clips and paper shredding machines, but there’s no end to what we will be able to supply, have a look today and see for yourself.

What are the benefits of buying my stationery from TonerGiant?

Shopping at TonerGiant has always been easy, but it is about to become a whole lot easier and with everything in one place, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

The great thing about buying your office supplies from TonerGiant, is that it puts your whole order in one place. So if you’re looking to kit out your office with new printers and cartridges, why not pick up your stationery from us as well? Your delivery will be combined as one, so there will be less hassle flicking to and from other websites, and you don’t need to worry about comparing prices.

At TonerGiant we have only the best prices and they have been formulated precisely and are checked daily against competitors to ensure that we’re always bringing you the cheapest price and best value deals.

Screenshot of TonerGiant stationery page

Also, with our new and easy-to-use website, the ordering process is a lot quicker, simpler and hassle-free. You can view recently ordered items, compare item’s specifications against others, and quickly navigate to and from brands, products and departments with our brilliantly designed interface and search tools.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about our fantastic new range of office stationery and supplies, simply head on over to our website and click the top left option ‘stationery’, you’ll see it with a bright red ‘new!’ banner on! Here you can browse our full product range in it’s entirety and search for exactly what it is you want.

Alternatively, you can call our customer service team on 0845 365 3605, to chat to one of our friendly customer care advisors about our new range, they’d be more than happy to find out if we stock certain products for you, as well as talk you through the new range and what we offer. If you’re not one for talking on the phone, feel free to chat to us on our live chat feature, which can be found at the bottom of the page on the main site, here our team will answer any of your stationery related questions.

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