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When you’re looking for a new printer for your business, what approach do you take?

Many businesses simply look for a printer to suit the budget they have in mind without considering what functionality they might need or what it will be used for. Printer technology these days have so many functions and features beyond just the ability to print, copy, scan and fax, and can be efficient or inefficient purely dependent on the volume of printing that it’s required to do.

For example, does your printer need password protection for sensitive documents? or do you know how many members of staff are likely to use it?

Not thinking about some of these things can often have long term cost implications that might leave you out of pocket, because your printer isn’t the right one for your office.

Here in our Small Business Guide to Printing, we’re going to arm you with the know how to make a truly informed decision when buying your new printer:


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TonerGiant Small Business Guide to Printing

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