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We recently introduced you to some of the best new printers that have come on the market. As you might have noticed, our selection did not include mobile or portable printers. Since they’re a relatively new addition to the world of printing, we’re aware that some people aren’t as familiar with them yet as they are with ‘normal’, i.e. stationary home and office printers. So this week, we will provide an overview of the best new mobile and portable printers to, hopefully, give you an idea of their many features and benefits to help you decide which one would be right for your business’s requirements.


A4 document printer

We quite like the PJ-673 from Brother, which is ideal for tablet or smartphone users – although it does connect to PC’s as well. Apple users will love it as it integrates with iOS using a simple app. The design is really sleek and lightweight (480g) so you can literally take it with you and print receipts or orders anywhere and anytime. Unlike some portable printers, this one allows you to print in A4 and can run on battery as well as being powered by a standard AC adapter.

As you would expect from a portable printer, it does work wirelessly, however, it can also be connected via USB, which is handy for times when you haven’t got access to a network. The printing resolution is fantastic and with up to 6 pages per minute, the printing process also won’t have you waiting around – certainly quicker than going to the post office to send your invoices or order confirmations to your clients via mail.

Because this printer uses thermal technology, ink is not required which is great as it saves you money and the hassle of replacing the cartridges. If you’re curious to see this printer in action, watch the short video below and be prepared to be amazed by the simplicity of portable printers.


Brother PJ-673 Portable Printer

Brother PJ-673 Portable Printer


Label Printer

Also from Brother is the new TD-2000 series of portable label and receipt printers. They’re slightly bigger than other labeling machines but they can be battery powered and are still compact enough to be carried around. Unlike some label printers, these let you adjust the width between 2” and 5” and hence cater to a variety of printing requirements. The TD-2000 range includes printers that have a touch panel LCD display which is great if you want to create and print labels without using a desktop computer or mobile device. They do come equipped with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity though if you prefer to design on another machine.


Brother TD-2000 Portable Label Printer

Brother TD-2000 Portable Label Printer


Portable Photo Printer

The PD233 from LG has to be the smallest photo printer we’ve ever come across! It literally fits into the palm of a hand – or indeed any pocket, hence why it’s marketed as a ‘pocket photo printer’. As you might have guessed, the photos it produces aren’t big either, about the size of a Polaroid (remember those?).


LG PD233 Portable Photo Printer

LG PD233 Portable Photo Printer


The PD233 has a great design, it basically looks like a slightly bulkier mobile phone but at just 212g, it’s really light too. The photo paper is hidden underneath the top flap cover, which can easily be removed to reload the paper. The prints come out at the bottom of the printer and the power button, as well as the USB port are located at the sides.

To ensure ongoing high-quality printing, LG smart sheets are inserted to clean the print head. From a technical perspective, this product is quite simply amazing! It’s ready to use simply by downloading the LG photo printer app, which unfortunately is only available for iOS and Android. The printer is wireless, of course, but apart from supporting Bluetooth, it’s also got NFC built in, a new technology that we covered last week.

In regards to editing the pictures, the printer’s app enables you to add dates, venues and memos by adding a QR code to them as well as making them sharable on social media sites. In that sense, this product does so much more than just print photos – you could essentially produce and manage your business’s physical as well as your digital advertising and marketing with it! This product is so versatile, it could even be used to design and produce business cards or flyers.

It certainly is a great product for photo enthusiasts, people how need to print pictures on the go but are limited in regards to space as well as people who like smart, integrated technology at their fingertips. If you’re intrigued, watch the video below for a demonstration of all the great features of this printer.


Do you think you will consider purchasing a new mobile printer for your business or home use? What are your business’s requirements in regards to mobile printing? Are you more likely to print documents, labels or photos while on the go and away from the office?

We’d like to hear your views so please leave a comment below.

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