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Last week, we covered all you needed to know about portable printers. We explored different makes and models and the benefits they can bring to your business.

This time, we thought we’d entertain you with some of the printing industry’s most exciting, creative and unusual advertising campaigns.


HP "Put your old printer to a better use"

HP Campaign – Put your old printer to a better use

Image courtesy of Daily Design Inspiration


Of course it’s no surprise that global players like HP, Canon, Epson, Kodak or Brother, to name but a few, have huge marketing budgets and hence can splash out on their advertising campaigns. It could be argued that they actually have to in order to maintain their status and stay competitive. In that respect, the printing industry is no different to, say, the car or telecommunications industry. You might think that the buying of a car or mobile phone is based on individual needs, lifestyle choices and personal preferences – and of course money, while the purchase of a printer and printing supplies is driven by your business requirements. Does the interior design of a car matter to you? Or its colour or rims? Have you ever bought a mobile phone because its innovative interface appealed to you and hence maybe compromised on something like its stand-by time? When we think about it, a lot of our everyday purchases are emotion driven. We often buy things because we like them, rather than really need them.

Does the same apply to printers though? Did you buy your latest office printer because you liked its sleek design although you knew that it wasn’t very versatile and only offered limited paper capacity? Probably not because when it comes to office supplies, our buying behaviour is and should be based on factors such as functionality, price and suitability.

So far, so good. How about this little beauty then?


A large old printer

Old printer

Image source


This machine probably did its job back in the day but it’s not pretty, is it?

Some years ago, the printing industry discovered the tried and tested formula that had proven hugely successful to other industries: celebrity endorsement.

We’re long used to seeing adverts featuring pop stars, footballers and other athletes promoting gadgets like cameras and smartphones, such as Shakira for Panasonic’s Lumix or the tennis player Maria Sharapova for Canon.


After previous successes with the ‘The Computer Is Personal Again’ campaign starring people like Jay-Z and Serena Williams, Hewlett Packard launched a $300m global advertising campaign aimed at selling printers and web-based printing services and enlisted pop star Gwen Stefani to feature in a TV advert. The video is beautifully executed and we think it really highlights the advances made in the printing industry and how innovative and creative printing solutions can be.

In 2010, Polaroid took celebrity endorsement one step further by appointing Lady Gaga as their new creative director for a specialty line of the brand’s ‘Imaging’ products.

Presumably, this strategic partnership was meant to enhance Polaroid’s brand identity and promote its iconic status. Considering Lady Gaga’s image, one could argue that the idea was, well, a courageous step by Polaroid.

The line designed by the pop star was meant to include picture-taking sunglasses, although, upon checking, we’ve not managed to find them on the market, yet.


Sunglasses that take pictures

Picture taking sunglasses

Image source

One product we did find, however, was a mobile printer;


Polaroid GL10 Mobile Printer

Grey Label GL10 Mobile Printer


Image courtesy of Glamfull


he Grey Label GL10 instant mobile printer weighs just 425g and is compatible with most mobile devices and cameras via Bluetooth, although this function is not supported by iPhones. It connects to PCs and Macs via USB and lets you print high-quality pictures in less than a minute. While we do like the design and the wireless function comes in handy, too, a clear downside is that specific paper is required for this printer.

Ad for Polaroid GL10

Grey Label GL10 Mobile Printer Paper

Image courtesy of Polariod


So whether there will be more collaborations between celebrities and brands in the printing industry in the future, remains to be seen. However, we like the fact that information technology companies invest part of their marketing budget in the printing market and hence strive to produce exciting and innovative campaigns that really showcase what these products can do for the consumer. This market is advancing and changing as much and as quickly as others and we hope there will be more campaigns that highlight the versatility of printers and printing supplies. For a company as passionate about this industry as Toner Giant, we believe that by keeping our eyes peeled on new products, we can help you choose the best products for your business.

What can you learn from the industry’s big players? Are there any ideas you could utilise for your own business? Have you come across any campaigns or adverts you liked? Or have you maybe produced one yourself that you’d like to share and discuss? We’d love to hear from you by leaving a comment below!

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