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During our month of fundraising for breast cancer awareness, we’ve been having so much fun. We’ve line danced, worn pink t-shirts, made cakes and there’s still so much more for us to take part in. Of course all of these fun activities are not without a reason, and we musn’t forget why we’re doing this.

This is why we’ve also made an effort to produce something that can hopefully help people. By spreading the word on breast cancer, ¬†and sharing some scary, interesting and reassuring facts, we hope to educate more people about breast cancer, and what they should be looking out for. We’ve learnt shocking statistics about how many people can be affected by the disease, as well as hopeful stories of treatments and why we must all be aware of the precautions and checks we can undertake.

The infographic below is the accumulation of our research, and we encourage you to share this with as many people as you can, in order to spread this helpful and educating information on breast cancer.


Breast cancer infographic


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Please help others learn more by sharing this infographic wherever possible, you can even talk to us on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page about it.

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