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FAQ’s about 3D printing

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a manufacturing technology where a three dimensional object is created by a 3D printer.

How does it work?

The three dimensional object is first created by the designer using software such as CAD (computer-aided design), then the completed design is send to the 3D printer and a material that will be used to create the object is chosen. Once the printing starts, the printer releases a small amount of the material at a time and builds tiny layers on top of each other so a solid object is formed. There are hundreds of materials that can be used within 3D printing which can create such things as rubber materials, hard plastic, polyurethane-like material, temperature resistant materials and transparent materials.

Objects created from 3D printing     





Siri iPhone Case

Nanolet Watch

There are many different types of objects that can be created from 3D printers, things that you wouldn’t of thought possible 80 years ago and I’m sure that in another 30 years time you may even find your self owning a 3d printer and keeping it at home. With such things as robots, body parts, cars and even food being created today , the possibilities are endless for this revolutionary technology.

What is the cost of a 3D printer?

The cost of 3D printers is dropping every year and as technology advances you may be able to get a 3d printer for a few hundred pounds in ten years or so (maybe less) but currently you can buy a makerbot for around £1500 or a higher end printer in HP’s Designjet 3d model for around £8900.

The future in 3D printing is no doubt a great prospect and the potential is huge for both businesses and home users so make sure you keep one eye on the news regarding 3D printing as new revolutionary ideas are being created all the time.

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