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Konica Minolta has successfully developed a high-accuracy printhead capable of using ink cartridges to deliver extremely small droplets on to a targeted area.

The device uses silicon MEMS technologies to discharge ink drops as small as one picolitre (one thousand cubic micrometers) that can be used in precision industrial applications such as printed electronics.

Specific uses suggested by Konica Minolta for the technology include OLED (organic light-emitting diode) patterning, smartphone displays and similar devices that require a high level of accuracy.

This could be a crucial development for the future of the printed electronics market – which includes development such as next-generation flexible displays – is set to grow to as much as two trillion yen (£16.2 billion) a year by 2020.

Flexible screens for smartphones have already been showcased recently by firms including Samsung and Nokia, CNet reported.

Konica Minolta added it is using its innovative inkjet technologies to help develop “even more energy-saving, resource-saving and highly productive features in the near future”.

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