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Companies using toner cartridges to print out information such as internal memos to keep their staff up-to-date may find there are many benefits to maintaining a good relationship with employees.

Ruth Sanderson, managing director of, explained having regular meetings to review progress can help ensure a workforce is motivated.

This allows bosses to pick up quickly if individuals are disillusioned or unhappy with the way the company is developing.

A recent study by the Kenexa High Performance Institute found workplace stress in the UK is at its highest level since 2008, so this may be a chance for bosses to spot any problems early.

She also said this works both ways, noting: “For those staff who are motivated and making excellent progress then these meetings are an opportunity to be proactive – what challenges do they foresee?”

While it may seem such interventions are a luxury, the quality of a manager’s relationship with staff is crucial if a firm is to be successful, Ms Sanderson continued.

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