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What seemed to be something straight out of a Star Trek film is now becoming an increasingly popular technology across all industries – I’m talking about 3D Printers not warp speed.

Although 3D printing is a relatively new form of technology, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we research, fix and manufacture anything from exact replicas of fossils to the creation of organs.

Here are 5 ways in which 3D Printers can change the world:


Drexel University in Philadelphia are using 3D Printers to create 3D scans of original fossils and then printing scaled down copies. This will help researchers study the way Dinosaurs moved and reproduced.


Museums will be able to produce replicas to provide more exposure to collections of historic artefacts without concern of them being damaged from photography and light. In fact the largest 3D printed historical replica on the planet is a Smithsonian replica of Thomas Jefferson which is on permanent display in Virginia, USA.


Using 3D printers could potentially lower the costs and risks of manufacturing, thus making it more widely available for smaller businesses.

People are no longer happy with just mass produced products that look the same, with 3D printing you can personalize products.


3D Printing can be used in your own home to create pretty much anything from jewellery to home decor. This means you can create your own unique look without having to pay high street prices which is just for you.


3D printing can help save lives! it’s now possible to print skin for skin graphs, organs for transplant and even bones. An 83 year old woman recently underwent a jaw transplant for which the jaw was printed by a 3D printer.

The future looks a little brighter with 3D printers and the possibilities are endless.

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