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Cloud computing“I wandered lonely as a cloud” said the great poet William Wordsworth in 1804.

He was referring to the breathtakingly picturesque vision of a field of thousands of golden daffodils. Just over 200 years later, I find myself treading similar footsteps, wandering lonely in a sea of cloud technology.

In the computer and printer industry, it seems that the cloud is the new golden vision of 21st century computer capabilities.

Is Cloud The Future?

Kodak Hero 7.1 printerEverywhere I look, I read things about cloud computing, cloud printing and cloud apps. Printer manufacturers are now starting to add cloud compatibility to their printers, such as the new Kodak HERO 7.1 All in One Inkjet Printer,  but what exactly is the cloud that is on everyone’s lips?

Cloud Computing – A Short Definition

In it’s very simplest form, cloud computing is a broad term that covers a number of different developments, all involving the internet and using its potential to simplify the way we use our home and business computers and extend their capabilities.

The Cloud simply refers to the internet. Cloud computing is mainly about businesses and individuals using the potential and sheer size of the internet to place more of your material onto the internet and less on PCs or servers that businesses and individuals run for themselves.

The Silver Lining in the Cloud

Over the next few articles, we’ll take an in depth look at what exactly cloud computing is, and try to guide you through the minefield of new computer terminology that has suddenly sprung up. We’ll also try to help you understand exactly what cloud computing and cloud printing can mean for you and your business, and precisely how TonerGiant will be able to help you meet your everyday cloud needs. We’ll hopefully do this in easily digestible words rather than the jargon that is currently being bandied about.

For starters though, visit Toner Giant today to see some of the most up to date printers with cloud technology capability already added to them. You can be sure that as more printers become available, TonerGiant’s award winning Customer Service team will bring them to you at the best possible prices on the internet.

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