Toner Giant - How Does Your Company GrowHow do you treat your customers?

Have you ever looked at other companies and wondered how they achieved such a great level of customer care?

Our customers are our number one priority and fantastic customer care is not something that companies simply stumble upon; We believe that it’s all about hard work and a clear strategy. Planning and preparing simple steps will help a company move closer to it’s goals in achieving fantastic customer care for each and every customer….just the way it should be.

Here is our customer service philosophy, and how we believe every customer should be treated:

Create a customer centric culture

This may sound like something straight from the corporate handbook; but it is very true and really works. Put your customers at the core of everything you do, and soon enough your customers will begin to feel your passion.

Turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction

Embrace all expressions of customer dissatisfaction by showing true empathy and understanding. If handled well, a complaint can transform an unhappy customer into a long and loyal customer. A true test of a company’s customer care is when something goes wrong; be proud that your company has excellent customer care and is equipped to deal with any expressions of dissatisfaction.

Your customer is one in 6.9 Billion

Your customer is one in 6.9 Billion, treat them that way. Remember, each one of your customers is an individual. What makes one customer happy may not invariably do the same for another.  Teach your staff to understand how to deal with different types of customer and to respond to them accordingly. Also empower your staff to make decisions, so they can tailor make customer service solutions for your customers.

Listen to your customers

Listen to your customers as they will tell you the best way to do things. All too often, companies decide what will be best for their customers, without actually asking them what it is they want. Take the time to actively seek honest feedback from your customer and formulate your customer care strategy from their responses.

Effective communication

Effective communication is key to excellent customer care. Equipping your customer care team with the skills to effectively communicate with your customers will greatly improve your chances of achieving excellent customer care. All too often companies get tied up in the use of corporate language and jargon that bamboozles and alienates customers. Keep your communications simple, yet effective.

Be approachable

Make it easy for your customers to contact you with their enquiries. Cater for the individual needs of your customer, by providing them with different communication routes. For internet companies this is all too important as your customers can’t simply nip in to see you with their enquiry or customer service issue. Self- service over the internet should not equal bad service; ensure your website and customers care agents, have as much presence and accountability as a high street store and its staff.

Go the extra mile

Tell your customers that you value them, whether it is by email or letter; it’s always nice to feel appreciated. A small gesture can go a long way. There are all sorts of ways to keep in contact with your customers and to bring them closer to you. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to have a little bit of fun!

Special requests from your customers

If a customer makes a special request, try your very best to accommodate it. Even if it falls outside of your customer service policy, see if it is possible.  Remember, you are not creating a new customer service policy; you are making an exception for your customer, individually tailoring a solution to fit their needs. If it is not possible, try getting as close to the customers goal as possible. Knowing you have gone the extra mile for your customer, they are more likely to come back to you again.

What we do

At TonerGiant, we have used these strategies with our customers, have seen exceptional results, and have very happy customers. As a result of this, we have been nominated for the e-Commerce Awards for Excellence 2011, Consumer Choice Award.

As all our TonerGiant customers know, we live and breathe the idea of providing all our customers with excellent service, every time you shop with us. We are sure that if you are reading this, you will have been on the receiving end of our excellent approach to giving you the best possible service….and you will know, you really are at the heart of everything we do!

We are proud to be recognised for our service to our customers, and we would be proud and delighted if you would now take the time to vote for us to help us win. Vote for now (voting ends 30th September 2011), it only takes a few seconds to complete.

Thank you for your support!

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