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Businesses purchasing HP toner cartridges may be interested to hear that the firm is seeking to improve its service offerings to give customers better printing solutions.

Sean Kosticin, a sales manager at the company’s imaging and printing group, explained the manufacturer is looking to provide products that are seamlessly and securely integrated into a customer’s operations, reports.

One product being aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises is HP’s Access Control security offering that, while originally designed for large corporations, has been modified to make it suitable for less-sizable companies.

Security for printers may be a vital consideration for many firms, as a recent study by Zscaler found it is very easy for hackers to break into these devices and access their memory.

Mr Kosticin explained: “Just because the printer is beside you doesn’t mean it’s secure. It’s still out in the world.”

He added the service can improve productivity by allowing a worker to retrieve their document from any printer on a network by keying in their unique PIN.

The FutureSmart program will also seek to allow printers to better communicate with other devices and document management tools to streamline a business’ printing operations.

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