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Manufacturers of printers and toner cartridges that are imported into the EU may still face levies on the goods when they bring them into the continent.

Reuters reports that, despite the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling last year that tariffs on certain electrical goods are illegal, the way in which the EU has chosen to comply with the decision leaves room for ambiguity that could see charges remain.

It was explained by the news provider that there is no legal certainty that products such as multi-function printers will be free from import duties, while the European Commission has determined some items will still face a 2.2 per cent levy upon entry into the EU.

The original case was brought by the US, Japan and Taiwan several years ago, as they alleged the tariffs were in violation of the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement, which eliminated duties on certain goods.

This was agreed in 1996 and now covers around 97 per cent of global trade in electrical products.

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