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CompassHave you ever wondered what life would be like if we didn’t have those certain gadgets that we use every day?

What would it be like if you couldn’t keep your friends updated with your Facebook status or if we didn’t have the internet??

In this day and age we take a lot of things for granted, and here I have listed 50 gadgets that changed the world as we knew it, to what it is today:

1. Fire, 590,000BC – Evidence suggest that early man used Fire millions of years ago. However Archaeologists at a dig in Israel in 2004 discovered clusters of burnt flint tools, evidence of campfires.

2. Fish Hook, 30,000BC – Early Fish Hooks date back to 30,000BC and were carved out of wood. This little invention allowed man to catch a meal without taking the risks of hunting wild animals.

3. Bow and Arrow, 30,000BC – The earliest archers with Bows and Arrows came from Africa sometime more than 30,000 years ago.

4. Wheel, 3500BC – The Wheel really is the most useful invention ever created. The earliest evidence of the wheel was a pictograph from Sumeria (modern day Iraq).

5. Abacus, AD190 – The use of the Abacus was first documented in the Han Dynasty, China. With the beads in a rack this was the speediest way to add for centuries and could probably give calculators a run for their money now.

6. Paper, AD105 – The Chinese began using bark, bamboo and flax to create the first ream of paper almost 2000 years ago. It took centuries for paper to be widely used, firstly in Japan, Egypt and Central Asia

7. Umbrella, 311 – Rain-proof umbrellas were invented in China some 1700 years ago using treated paper but Samuel Fox invented the modern day steel-ribbed umbrella in 1852.

8. Compass, 1190 – Sailors in China and Europe independently discovered lodestone, a magnetic mineral that aligned with the North Pole. The early compass was used in ancient China and by 1190 Italians started using lodestone magnetic needles in a bowl of water as the first compass used for navigation.

9. Button, 1235 – The earliest evidence of the Button comes from 13th Century sculptures from Germany which show tunics with 6 Buttons on. Did you know that 60% of the world’s Buttons are made from one town in China, Qiaotou?

10. Gun, 14th Century – In China in the 11th century black powder (gun powder) was originally used as medicine, the explosive properties of this medicine sparked interest in Europe, and the Canon was made in the 13th Century. Sam and Wesson fired the first metal cased cartridge in 1857, which helped to create the modern gun.

11. Printing Press, 1454 – The Chinese were the world’s first printers as early as 500AD but a German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg constructed the first press made of metal. The Metal press when laid over ink could print repeatedly on to paper. In 1454 he used this system to print 300 bibles, 48 copies have survived and been sold for millions of pounds.

12. Lead Pencil, 1564 – With a discovery of a graphite deposit (then thought to be lead) in Borrowdale, Cumbria in 1564 the pencil was born. Nicolas Conte perfected the pencil more than a century later by mixing graphite and clay and gluing it between two strips of wood.

13. Microscope, 1590 – Zacharias Jansen, a Dutch spectacle maker, invented the Microscope in 1590 but never intended the device to be used in Science. Then Robert Hooke a polymath who published a book Micrographia in 1665, a book that amazed people by the depictions of the miniature world.

14. Eraser, 1770 – 200 years after the invention of the lead pencil (strange I know) Edward Naine created the Eraser. He originally used bread to erase his draughts, but saw potential in natural rubber. Hymen Lipman created the first all-in-one pencil in 1858.

15. Camera, 1826 – William Talbot invented of one of the earliest cameras because he couldn’t draw and in 1888 George Eastman’s Kodak camera was the first camera to use film.

16. Lawnmower, 1830 – Edwin Budding, inspired by rotary machines used to trim fabric, joined forces with then business man John Ferrabee to build the first self powered cylinder mower.

So there you have it, part I of; ’50 Gadgets that changed the world,’ check back soon for part II to discover what gadget we take for granted every single day…!

Source: Wikipedia

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