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Businesses looking to improve their environmental credentials should remember to do small jobs such as recycle their toner cartridges.

An article for Biz Journals, citing research from the Center for Women's Business Research, notes that female business owners tend to be more concerned with the environmental friendliness of their business or the products they use.

Some 76 per cent said it is an influence on purchase decisions, the news provider states.

Businesses hoping to make improvements to their own eco-friendliness can begin by making small changes, such as increasing the number of items that are recycled.

One business owner, Karen Sullivan, told the news provider that she takes small steps to help improve her eco credentials, such as always recycling her printer cartridges.

Businesses in the Hertfordshire area have recently been encouraged to recycle their toner cartridges in order to help the environment. The Think Ink scheme has been developed by local students as part of a final-year project and a number of local businesses have already agreed to take part, news provider Herts 24 reported.

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