Toner Giant - How Does Your Company GrowHave you ever considered the direction your company is heading? Do you clearly know how you are going to develop your business and move it to the next stage? Here are some really quick tips on GROWING your business, Goal by goal.

G- Goal.

What is your business goal? Is it written down? Is it somewhere where you can see it everyday? If not, get it written down and get it visualised. The more you see something the more it will be embedded; it will become your mindset. Your goal needs to be specific, achievable and realistic.  You can still aim “big” with realistic goals, by setting yourself a series of realistic goals along the way that stretch you each and every time.

Questions to ask when setting your specific goal.

How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

What will you see/hear/ feel when this goal has been achieved?

R- Reality.

What is the reality of the situation now? This is the key to successfully achieving your goal. You need to understand what is happening right now because this is your starting point. All too often businesses rush in, where angels fear to tread, and don’t take the time to understand their current situation. Understanding your starting point will help you successfully unravel some learning points.

Questions you need to ask are:

What is our current situation?

What is working now?

What is not working at the moment?

What feedback have we received in relation to this goal?

I like to think of the reality phase as rummaging through a garden, walking around and observing everything that it going on at that present moment. What sounds do I hear? What can I see? What does it feel like to walk around this garden? In a business capacity this would be things like; what are my customers saying, what are my staff communicating, and what is the bank manager telling me?

O- Options.

Now you fully understand your starting point, you can consider what options you have to help you achieve your goal? At this point, you will look at all the possible alternatives open to you. You need to get as many options written down as possible. If you consider it an option, write it down. At this stage, do not rule anything out if you think there is a possibility of it succeeding. Get input from all the staff because one may come up with an idea nobody else has thought of.

Questions you may ask are:

What can we do?

Is there anything that has worked in the past that we can do again?

Is there anyone that can help us in achieving out goal?

What resources are available to us, to help us achieve our goal?

W- Will.

This is where you commit to action. You look at all the options available to you, and decide what ones you WILL carry out. You don’t need to use all your options, you pick the ones that you are the most committed to! You need to ask yourself, how committed am I to this action? If you are fully committed, you will have a greater chance of carrying it out and achieving your goal.

Questions you need to ask:

How committed are we to carrying out this action?

When will we do this by?

How will we know when we have achieved this?

Finally, how will you feel when you have achieved this? What will you see, hear and feel when this is achieved?

How great will it feel to achieve your business goal? Knowing that you are growing your business, goal by goal. Every achievement you make is taking you closer to success.

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