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Spillages involving Lexmark toner cartridges can be tricky to clean up if you don't know how to deal with them.

One common mistake is reaching for some water in order to try to get it off hard wood floors or carpets.

However, this could cause yet more damage to the floors, which means they'd need to be fixed at great expense.

Melissa Riofrio of New Zealand PC World believes people should instead use a general cleaning solution in the event of a toner spillage.

She warned against using water – either hot or cold – and said the solution must be used "with care and caution".

Users of toner cartridges were also encouraged to try to keep the spilled toner contained.

Ms Riofrio added that people should avoid inhaling the substance.

Lexmark believes that if someone does inhale toner, they should get some fresh air immediately.

The printer manufacturer also recommends that people seek medical attention if symptoms such as persistent coughing and short breath do not go away.

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